Question of the Day: Are You Happy?

Question of the day

How would you define happiness? Or create it? Do you feel happy most of the time?

Since I’ve moved to Florida, I have said many times that I’ve never been so consistently happy in my life. Plumbing, rats, and palmetto bugs aside, I am so happy here. Just last night, as we sat talking, maybe we were playing cards, sipping a glass of Pino Noir that we bought at Trader Joe’s earlier in the day, I suddenly shook my head in wonder that I was sitting here with Dan living this life. I was so filled with gratitude. A smile took over my face and Dan had to ask me what I was smiling about.

“Just that sometimes it amazes me that I ended up here, in this place, with you…”

I believe that practicing gratitude is the beginning, and continuous path to happiness. I know when we look for something to be grateful for, we will find many. Even if you have to begin with being grateful for your breath. Happiness and gratitude are so interwoven, I’m not sure it’s possible to have one without the other.


The meme above is one of my favorite quotes. I think Denis Waitley has hit the nail on the head.

So, tell me, in a comment or in your own blog (linked back here so everyone can read it) about your thoughts on living in a state of happiness.

As always, love and light to everyone.

7 responses to “Question of the Day: Are You Happy?

  1. Generally, I am a happy person. I find that begins and ends with my faith. I have to be rooted in it and being rooted in it, keeps me happy. Do I get sad? Of course, every human being does, but I do not dwell there. I take comfort in the simple things in life and I am grateful for every moment I am gifted to experience them. This… all of this, keeps me in a place of happiness.

  2. I am happy most of the time, but most especially when I stop and remember what my life was like five, ten, and 15 years ago and how much better it is now. That really puts things in perspective and a smile on my face.

    • Oh man, me too. Even thoughthere was much more to make me unhappy at times, I still considered myself a happy person most of the time. But I guess happiness grows exponentially when you don’t have those unhappy factors in your life, because life is amazing now. 🙂

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