Good Times With Old Friends

My friends have gone home

Seems quiet here without them

Laughter filled the air

My friends from Connecticut have gone back home. I felt bad for them, leaving 80° weather to return to a nor’easter battering New England. Their morning flight was canceled and they had to sit at the airport until 8:30 last night to get a flight home. And then drive 45 minutes from the airport to home at 1 AM. UGH.

We had so much fun. We laughed so much all of our stomachs were sore, but we also had some quiet talks around the table until late into the night. They love Dan, which I think he now believes, lol. We ate out a lot, saw a lot, rented speedboats for a couple hours, complete with a guided tour of the St. Pete beaches from the Gulf of Mexico, and of Tampa Bay. It was so much fun, it was really a vacation for Dan and I (although we say all the time that our life is like a permanent vacation.)

Nice to be with old friends for awhile. We have been friends for 15 or 20 years. Dan and I stayed at their house last summer when I had to go to CT. We’ll probably go back for a week this summer, but this time it will be all fun. (Last summer I had to go and deal with a few final things with my ex’s estate.)

So now it’s back to real life, doing laundry, cleaning house, finishing the projects we have underway. Tonight we’re going out to a dinner theater with some friends. One of them is an actor, she will be in a play at this theater starting at the end of March. My little sister is coming here for my birthday in April, that should be awesome to have both my sisters here for that! So, I have lots to look forward to.

Feeling pretty lucky this morning, counting my blessings. Love and light to all.

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