Getting Back to Center, With Help

Life was messing with me a little today. I got a little unbalanced, unsettled. I generally know what I have to do when I get knocked back. I know how to get up, I know what I have to do. Today however, I got a little help in the process.

I had 8 windows replaced 3 weeks ago. Cost a lot, they are all hurricane proof. as they have to be down here. But I needed them, the old ones were probably 50 years old, jalousied, and did not shut properly, or seal when they were shut. Dan had to board these windows up for the hurricane last fall, and after Hurricane Irma passed I realized I really needed to replace them. So now I have all new windows.

But, and of course there’s a but, when the installers left, we found 2 windows that didn’t shut. We called Home Depot and told them, and they sent someone out a couple days later to repair the windows. Next they must be inspected by the building inspector to make sure they are installed right, because, you know, they are hurricane-proof windows and have some stringent requirements. Home Depot did not call me back to make arrangements for the inspector, so I had to call them. After some miscommunication, the inspector came today. Nice, professional, not a power crazy guy. But he couldn’t pass the windows because the installer caulked them all. It says on the first page of the installers instructions that the windows cannot be caulked because the inspector has to make sure they have been shimmed correctly and he can’t see the gap between the windows and the frame if they’ve been caulked. We thank him and I am seething. 3 weeks later and I can’t take the damn stickers off the windows, and I can’t put my blinds back up. So I call Home Depot yet again. The head of the installation department is supposed to call me back, but he did not by the end of the day today. Hopefully I’ll hear from him tomorrow.

But really? Should I have had to deal with any of this? I put it on my Home Depot card at 0%, but I am about to call them and tell them not to release the money to Home Depot because my windows still don’t pass inspection.

In all fairness to Home Depot, they replaced half my windows last year and the job was easy, and fell together like clockwork. A better installer I guess.

OK, so now I’ve bitched about that.

Then my son, who I had hoped would come see me for my birthday next month, called to tell me that the company he works for is sending him to San Francisco for 3 days for some training for a move up the corporate ladder. So he won’t be coming then. It was a very outside chance that he’d come anyway, but I was hopeful. It’s ok, I’m happy for him, really. He’s one of only 5 out of 24 managers given this opportunity, of course he had to take it. But if he doesn’t come in May, I am going to Denver, that’s all. A year is long enough to go without seeing your kid. Even if he’s not a kid anymore, lol.

So anyway, all this had me a little off. A little unbalanced. And Dan walks into the kitchen from the grill, and looks at me, and says, “Are you OK?” with a look of real concern on his face. I paused, not realizing til that moment that I was putting out all this kind of negative energy, shook my head slowly and said, “It blows my mind, still, that I have someone in my life that actually gives a shit if I’m ok.” Then I wrapped my arms around him, and gave him a huge hug, which he returned in kind.

Which did more to help me get back to center than anything else I could imagine. Boy, has my life changed 180° since he’s been in it. Just grateful now, just grateful.

Love and light to all.

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