Question of the Day: Do You Swear?

Question of the day

Do you swear? If so, what words do you use, and when do you use them?

It’s been brought to my attention that I swear more than is necessary. I’ve been trying to break my habit, but it’s a hard one, at times, to break. I think I’m getting better, but that might be all in my mind.

I tend to say the f-bomb mostly. Sh*t is second. I took a FB quiz once on what is your favorite swear word, and mine came out the f-bomb and I think that is accurate. When I get exasperated I tend to say “unf*ckingbelievable”. I am a believer that sometimes no other word works. But I’m learning too, that sometimes another word does, and I should maybe apply a filter to my brain and mouth, and try to get more creative with my profanity vocabulary.  I.e., frigging can work in place of f*cking. So can freaking. Or what the frick. I could use the British word “bloody” and here in the US no one would think I was swearing. I’ve seen a suggestion to get a translator app, and use French swear words, because wth, then if you say “pardon my French” at least you are really speaking French. I suppose you could do that with any language and at least it might help curb my thoughtless swearing. I want to learn Italian, and it might come in useful, though I have a feeling their swear words are probably much more lovely to hear than the ones I use, and I wouldn’t feel like I was swearing.  Oh, maybe that’s a good thing!  There’s a book out too, called “Creative Cursing: A Mix and Match Profanity Generator.” I should probably ask for it for my birthday.

So tell me, are you a potty mouth like me, or have you found a better way to express your disgust, exasperation, dislike, incredulity, etc? Please let me know in a comment, or blog even, linked back here. Especially if you have some creative ideas for breaking the habit.

As always, love and light.

12 responses to “Question of the Day: Do You Swear?

  1. Don’t read my blog if you don’t like swearing. 😬. I don’t think it’s nist that I’m italian. Swearing is just so effective, no?

  2. I very rarely cuss. I used to, eons ago, but I’ve somewhat grown out of it. If one hears me cussing or sees it in my work, it’s due to the passion I may have for the subject matter and a release of a bit of anger towards it.

    Words very rarely in use: “shit”, “damn”, & “hell”. That’s about as colorful as I’ll get.

    This is a great post, Deb!

  3. I have the opposite problem. I can swear pretty good in my head, and used to swear more in my 20’s, but over the past 3 decades, I rarely swear out loud and never in print without the *#…symbols. When I do swear out loud, I’m usually alone in my car or I’m really angry. Swearing out loud in front of people is something I’d like to be able to do more of since I’ve retired. I have said bullsh*t a few times lately, cause there’s nothing else that fits some situations. It feels good.

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