Question of the Day: What Is Your Sun Sign?

Question of the day

What is your sun sign?

I am an Aries, although being the last day of Aries puts me on the cusp and blends the Aries traits with some of Taurus. When I read the description, it’s pretty accurate about me. An astrology site I use for my daily horoscope ( ) says the following:

Strengths: Courageous, determined, confident, enthusiastic, optimistic, honest, passionate

Weaknesses: Impatient, moody, short-tempered, impulsive, aggressive

I think these are accurate, though probably somewhat muddled by being on the cusp. I have some disagreement with them over some of the weaknesses, of course. I am impatient, but not particularly moody. I am only short-tempered when I am frustrated by something or someone. I am not very impulsive, now, though I was a bit moreso when I was younger and did a few things which now I feel lucky to have survived unscathed. I am aggressive, in some things, but I’m not sure that’s a weakness.

The strengths, well of course I’m all of those great things, lol.

This year as the sun goes into Aries the day after the vernal equinox, Mercury also goes retrograde. And we have a 2nd blue moon of 2018 in March. That all should be interesting.

So tell me what is your sign? Are the descriptions accurate for you or do you not see yourself at all in them? Leave me a comment, or write your own blog and link it back here.

As ever, love and light to all.

8 responses to “Question of the Day: What Is Your Sun Sign?

  1. I’ve never explored astrology in depth, but if sun sign means the primary zodiac sign based on birthday, then mine is Sagittarius. The personality traits are accurate for me with the exception of extrovert. I can perform like an extrovert when I have to, but I prefer lots of time alone or with my dogs.

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