Question of the Day: Prayer, Meditation or Both?

Question of the day

Do you meditate, or pray, or both? Which do you do more often? What do you believe is the difference between the two?

I have gotten out of the practice of daily meditation that sustained me for a long time when I was alone. I guess that getting out of the practice is due to the major changes in my life, mainly being in a close loving relationship. I’ve done my meditation sporadically, but not with any regularity. I have always done all of the Oprah – Deepak Chopra 21 day free meditations, and when I was notified of a new one starting up, I vowed to get back into my regular meditation practice, starting with this free meditation from Oprah and Deepak. (The link to this, if you’d like to join it is )

I have always heard that when you pray, you are talking to God (or whatever your name is for the higher consciousness), and that when you meditate you are listening. That sounds about right to me. Meditation helps to keep me grounded and centered, but when I find myself troubled about something, a prayer comes out, and sometimes it comes out when I’m meditating. I also find prayer a good way to express gratitude for all I have.

I have done meditation in many ways: Enhanced by gongs, crystal bowls, bells, drums, or just vibrational music. Oprah and Deepak always have a mantra for you to repeat. I find that the biggest obstacle to meditation, expressed by numerous people, is that they can’t clear their mind. Well, hey! Neither can I or anyone else, at least at first! We can’t stop thoughts from running through our minds, but we don’t have to get attached to them and carry on an internal dialog. I think that the practice of meditation helps you to learn how to clear your mind, but it’s not a prerequisite for sitting quietly, and allowing you to go inward to find peace.

So tell me, what is your practice? How do you see the relationship between meditation and prayer? I’d love to have a conversation about this.

As always, love and light to all.

8 responses to “Question of the Day: Prayer, Meditation or Both?

  1. I pray. Multiple times per day. I begin my day with prayer, I end my day with prayer. It is what keeps me grounded and at ease when I feel as though I cannot maintain or make it through the day. In my prayers, I make it a point to be sure I acknowledge what I am grateful and thankful as well. It’s the highlight of my day and the welcome moments of my night.

  2. Meditation, both group and by myself. Been doing that for about 5 or 6 years. But … also am grateful each and every night .. by just simply .. thanking ‘those’ who look after everyone I care the most for. Great question!

    • I have found that when I can’t sleep, making a mental list of all I’m grateful for, right down to the food in my fridge, really helps me get to sleep. I’ve heard it said “if you only have one prayer, let it be thank you.” So we are alike in that way, besides being meditators. 😊

  3. Teaching a meditation class is the main thing I miss about my old job. I used to teach mindfulness, progressive muscle relaxation, breathing techniques, and imagery. It really kept me in tune. Now, I don’t meditate as regularly, but I do use it when I’m having trouble sleeping or anxious. I tend to pray more than meditate. But the listening is just as important. I tend to pray for guidance and wisdom more now, so I could pray to listen more. 🙂 Prayer and meditation are like two sides of the same coin.

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