Why I’ve Been Absent

I’ve been absent lately, from WordPress. Many reasons but mostly because I feel like anything I have to say at the moment is probably pretty boring. I wanted to write a poem about the arrival of spring, because I remember what it felt like up north to finally have those bitter cold days end. Even though they haven’t ended in my old home town where it is 23° this morning, the promise that it is actually going to get warmer and stay that way for 6 months was enough to celebrate springs arrival.

Down here, in Florida, it was beautiful last month for about 3 weeks, but then we had a couple weeks back to back where we were back in long pants, and will even have a couple of days of that this week. But then it looks like perfect weather after that. But the point is, that’s boring. I feel like I’ve written enough about the great weather in Florida. I have even been unable to write the Question of the Day posts, though I think I can probably get back into them, at least. Maybe even later today.

I am, however, enrolled in an online writing class, to help me with my creative writing. My writers group has been using writing prompts to write fiction and it’s fun, but I still struggle with fiction. So I found this course, given by Catherine Ann Jones, with 16 lessons on story writing. She comes at it from a spiritual place, like starts with getting in touch with your soul, and accessing the story that is there, waiting to be told. So I’m taking it seriously, and following the lessons, and if any decent stories come out of it, I will be sharing them.

I’m also considering re-working the book I’d written a few years ago, but never published, of the same name as my blog. It wasn’t published because it wasn’t finished, and I have felt that really, it was more of a purge of my old life from my psyche than a real book. It was about my abusive marriage and my journey to be free and free my son, and battle in the courts for 4 years. However, now that my ex has broken with reality, and lives in a facility where he can’t hurt himself or anyone else, I am thinking I need to maybe rewrite it, mindful of his mental illness which was slowly taking over his, and therefore my son’s and my, life, and was the underlying cause of the abuse he inflicted on us.

Another reason for my absence, even if I could find something to write about that didn’t bore me to death, is that I’m just busy living life here. My sis came up for an afternoon and we went to The Dali Museum. I was a little taken aback at how dark many of his paintings were, and cynical. And how he really wants you to work at fathoming the story he tells in his painting, all of which tell a story in great detail. Interesting, but kind of like a “Where’s Waldo” in a painting at times.

Dan and I have been quite busy lately as well. We’d like to buy a house, or build one for ourselves, because having two homes is cumbersome, to say the least. We’re in no hurry to do this, but are starting the process of preparing our homes to sell, and learning about neighborhoods and property values here. We also have decided we’d like a boat, big enough to weekend on and take out into the Gulf fishing. More learning and investigating.

I think that all of this is exciting, and actually the manifestation of more dreams of mine. But the actual work is pretty much preoccupying my thoughts and energy these days.

So, with all this my muse, if I have one, has been muted. So I apologize for being scarce, I also apologize for being so far behind in reading others blogs. I catch a few of them, but rarely find the time to sit and read them for an hour or two.

I haven’t disappeared, but my life seems to be in flux at the moment. Which is good, really. It is easy to become complacent at this age, especially when one is basically happy with where they are. Life is good, and changing for the better all the time.

Love and light to all.

12 responses to “Why I’ve Been Absent

  1. I’ve been sparse too, busy with life. I read your post and was really looking for the *Dan# word. I am so happy things are moving for you in a good way! And good luck with your future endeavours, they sound exciting. You’re never dull, even when talking about the Florida weather, jammy sod. Lol Tc.

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