Boats and Other Stuff

I’ve been preoccupied of late. I miss my writing time, but it’s all good. I’m preoccupied with good things. Awesome things.

We have made an offer on a boat, pending a satisfactory survey. The kind of boat we want is not particularly popular down here. Everyone wants fishing boats here, because you can go out fishing most days, and the Gulf of Mexico is generally a pretty calm body of water. On it’s bad days it’s a lot like Long Island Sound up north. And the season is year round here. So it’s understand able. We want a small cruising boat, so we can spend a couple nights out on the hook, or maybe drive down to my sisters, about 25 miles away. We found a very nice 27’ boat, with a trailer, with air conditioning which is a must down here, and a generator, very unusual for a boat this size. What it means is that we can run the air conditioner when we are anchored out. Since this type of boat is not too much sought after down here, the prices are very good on them.

It’s not for sure, and we are trying to curb our enthusiasm, lol. Because who knows what the survey will say. The boat is 16 years old, and up until now has been in fresh water, not salt water, which makes a difference. The survey should be completed in the next week to 10 days, and then we will either begin to out fit this boat, or look for another.

This boat thing is occupying a lot of our time. It’s not the only thing, though. We’ve been working on my house, cleaning up the yard, Dan laid a new brick walkway to my house, we’re having company this week, and my little sister in 3 weeks. We’re still exploring house options too, and learning about the market down here, though we’re not ready to sell either house yet.

And my windows….they are another story altogether. They still aren’t fully installed, or inspected. I am so angry about this, but it does me no good to be angry. I just have to get through it. The main problem is that with the hurricane last fall, they are installing about 10 times their normal amount of windows. They are happy to sell the windows, but scheduling all the work is another story. They are using subcontractors they don’t normally use, and it shows. The people that did these windows for me are just not competent. I’m sure it will be resolved though in the next couple weeks.

It’s very cool to have so much good stuff going on, with absolutely no drama about it. Every day I pinch myself. Just so grateful for the life I’m living now.

As always, love and light to everyone.

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