Question of the Day: What Is Your Greatest Struggle?

Question of the day.

What is your greatest struggle?

Is your struggle an internal struggle, a physical struggle, or maybe an attempt to achieve some goal? Or something else altogether?

I’m doing the Oprah-Deepak 21 day meditation, and there is quite a lot of focus on changing the choices we make, consciously, to break bad habits.

I would say that my biggest struggle right now is my weight. I lost a lot of weight, and it is creeping back on. I struggle to keep it off. I think some of the reason it’s creeping on is the med I take for rheumatoid arthritis. Weight gain is listed as a side effect. I haven’t gained a lot back, but about 12 lbs. I’m not happy about that at all. I am, however, trying to consciously make better choices about what I eat, to offset the tendency to hold on to weight caused, I believe by the med. I believe this because I’m not eating any differently than I did when I lost the weight.

I used to struggle with letting go of people who were toxic to me. I think I finally learned how to choose what I wanted for my own life, and keep people out of it who didn’t contribute to my happiness. I’ve also learned to choose people who are more similar to me, and remove the drama from my life. I think that drama can be addicting, the highs and lows. But after awhile, I just got sick of it. I once said to my writers group, that I didn’t understand how I can be so on top of my game in most areas of my life, so focused and know what I want, but make such bad decisions about the people I let into my life. No more. I’ve let go of a few people, male and female, that served no positive purpose in my life.

So tell me, what do you struggle with? Finding love, losing weight, letting go, achieving financial goals? I’m betting that for most of us, the internal struggles are much more difficult than the external.

As ever, love and light to all.

2 responses to “Question of the Day: What Is Your Greatest Struggle?

  1. Gosh, it’s hard to narrow down to one struggle. Like you, I’ve struggled with toxic people and weight most of my life and made progress. I think codependency, worrying too much about other people, is still my biggest issue, but I’ve come a long way in taking care of myself. Since I retired from my job, I’ve been surprised to find time management to be a challenge. There are so many things I want to do…. ah, but I am very thankful to have options and time to do some of those things. I’ve learned to say no more often to things and people who are not a good fit. What remains clear to me is that we all struggle with something. But life has many lovely joys to bring us balance.

  2. Toughest question yet! Hmmm… probably … watching my daughter grow up, knowing she can now make incredibly adult decisions ….. without me! Knowing she will be even more awesome than I could have ever hoped for! They grow up too fast! 🙂

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