Snapshots in Time


This week Dan’s daughter and two grandsons have been visiting. It is the first time I’ve met them, outside of a facetime call on Christmas. I was nervous with hope that we would like each other. It is important to me.

It’s a quick visit, only a few days. Not enough time to get to know each other really well. It is enough time to know I like her, and the boys are wonderful. Still at that age of wonder about things. We are getting along as well as anyone could expect after 48 hours.

What I’ve really loved are a few snapshots of the time we’ve been together. The first is when she came to me when we were alone and hugged me, telling me that she was “so glad that you guys found each other.”

The second was when Dan came to both of us, put his arms around us at the same time, and told us how happy he was that we liked each other and got a long so well, because it was so important to him.

The third was when she and I were both at his bathroom sink in front of the mirror, combing our hair as we got ready to leave to go somewhere, and one of the grandsons walked by (the bathroom is open to the bedroom without a door) and said, “You guys look so much alike.” We looked at each other and realized we were wearing the same color shorts and shirt. It was so cool that he saw us looking alike, not just dressed alike.

The fourth was last night. It was the end of a busy day with the grandsons, topped off by having dinner at a beachfront restaurant with picnic tables in the sand and watching the sunset (see picture) as the kids frolicked in the gentle waves of the Gulf of Mexico. They were in their pajamas, ready for bed. Dan and I were in the kitchen with them who were telling jokes, corney kid type jokes, mostly knock-knock jokes. We were telling them back, and laughing, just having fun. as the kids went to bed, when the oldest grandson, who is 8, came to me and gave me a big, authentic hug to say goodnight. It made me so happy tp get that hug. A simple act from a young child, but it held so much meaning for me. I could see the younger one watching, and who knows, maybe I’ll get a hug from him too.

I think (hope!) it will be a long time before I have grandchildren of my own. I won’t ever have a daughter, but it seems there’s a possibility that Dan’s daughter and I could become close, over time. No expectations, but if I have any manifesting powers at all, that’s what I’d love to have happen! So much possibility!

Time to get my day underway. Dan has gone ahead of me this morning, to buy the Krispy Kreme donuts for the kids that he promised them. So I’ll need to catch up with them soon.

Love and light to all.


(Picture taken by me, last night, on Treasure Island Beach)

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