Lots of Stuff in the Works

I’ve not been around lately, which is becoming the norm. Dan’s daughter and the grandkids were here last week, and as soon as they left we were planning and preparing for Easter dinner for his family. My brother-in-law stopped by for breakfast on the way home from the airport on Monday, and the inspector came yesterday to look at the now uncaulked and freshly shimmed windows, and passed them. So now, to get Home Depot to schedule the windows for recaulking, and the inspector for a final inspection.

Yesterday the boat we want to buy was brought over to the yard near my house for it’s engine survey which will be done today. We will be there, and checking out a lot of other things on the boat, like the condition of the bimini top, and the hot water/water pressure system. Hoping for a good survey on the engines. The boat itself is in really good condition, and I’m sure we can fix anything that’s wrong with it, but if the engines andgenerator are not good, it’s a no go, because to replace them would be more than the cost of the boat. We spent Monday evening with a friend of ours on his 40’ sailboat which he plans to sail around the world in a couple of years. His boat is at the marina in town where we’d like to keep the boat, so we got a feel for the marina life there.

My younger sister is coming for a visit in less than 2 weeks, and I can’t wait to see her! We’ll go over to my older sisters house on the island, and mostly hang out there. We’re all pretty excited to be together again.

Lots of exciting stuff in the works at the moment, and I am about to leave now to go see them survey the engine. I’ll be back, not sure how soon. Maybe later, maybe not for a few days. Hope all is well with everyone. Love and light to all.

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