Question of the Day: Coincidences, Yes or No

Question of the Day

Do you believe in coincidences?

Obviously I do not. If you read my last blog, you will see that I believe nothing that’s happened to me was a coincidence, and it was all designed by the universe (my name for the higher power) to bring me to where I am. I think I’ve disbelieved in coincidences since I read The Celestine Prophesy back in the 90’s.

I’d love to hear your stories on coincidences or lack of them. So tell me in a comment, or your own blog linked back to this one.

As ever, love and light to everyone.

7 responses to “Question of the Day: Coincidences, Yes or No

  1. I believe in coincidences just as I believe in deja vus. 🙂 I think everything has its place in life, yes, and what happens to me, is according to God’s plan, but I also believe that there are some glitches–some things that occur at the same time in time that are completely out of our control and so similarly linked to our circumstances, that they can only be coincidences.

  2. I believe in meaningful coincidences which might be a definition of serendipity. Maybe some things are random, but we and/or God can turn everything into something meaningful. So maybe they weren’t really random after all. Wait, my head is starting to spin with the possibilities. 🙂 So many coincidences in my life – like when and how my high school sweetheart found me again when the time was perfect – left me with no doubt that it was planned by a power greater than both of us. Another one that happened since then is that my dad died at the same time, within a day or two of my retirement just over a year ago. I didn’t realize it then with the grief and all, but that gave me time and space to deal with his death and everything that has gone along with it. Fascinating topic!

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