A Little Retrospective

It’s my second cup of coffee on a gorgeous Saturday morning. It’s already 70°, most of the way to an 80° high temp. Sun filters through the banyan tree, into my window, and brightens up my kitchen, and the bouquet of cloth sunflowers on the table that I’ve had for at least 20 years. Feels like it’s going to be a good day.

We discovered Trader Joe’s Guatemalan whole bean coffee. It is so good, and really, because it’s Trader Joe’s, it’s less expensive than Starbuck’s whole bean (except when it’s on sale.) We decided we can’t afford the best of everything, but we can afford good coffee. And since Trader Joe’s is close to Dan’s house, we go often. Their ciabatta bread is also really good, and their produce is generally very nice and cheaper than the big grocery store prices. Plus, and this is a biggie, they sell a bar of 72% cacao Belgian chocolate, weighing in at 1 lb, 1 oz., for $5. I cut it into the small squares, and treat myself to a couple of them each day. And their wine…what a great place to buy wine!

We are still waiting for our boat to get to our driveway. The mechanic had promised yesterday, and of course it didn’t come, dashing our hopes that we’d able to start cleaning it up this weekend. So we are disappointed, and getting somewhat irritated with the yard that’s doing the mechanical work. They have had the boat 3 weeks, and have now promised us Monday, but I’ll believe it when I see it. To make space in my driveway and enable backing it into and out of the driveway on the trailer, Dan had to move my mailbox and remove a couple of the wooden railroad-type berms that line my driveway.  He worked his butt off.

One good thing (the only good thing I guess) about the boat not coming yesterday was that I had my writers group over last night, and it has grown now to a membership of 8. I hope it doesn’t get any bigger, because I fear it will lose it’s intimacy. Also, it becomes time consuming for us all read our writing, let alone discuss it. We had two new members last night. One was the daughter of one of our original members, and one was a woman who another member requested be brought in. I think they will both add to the group. We had a lot of fun, and good food, and wine, and a little smoke. One of the new people has volunteered to have it at her house, so I won’t have to host it all the time.  We named our group last night. We are calling it the Hypatia Club.  Hypatia was the mythical goddess of eloquence and learning.  Which is a good thing to aspire to, I guess, if you are a writer.

I got my dr to switch my diabetes meds back to what they were up north before I came. I had lost 20 lbs, and my glucose levels were the best ever. He’s been hesitant to switch them, but what he’s given me has caused me to gain some of that weight back. So I pretty much demanded I be able to go back to them for 3 months, til my next check up. If it doesn’t work, then I’ll go on regular insulin. But I think it will work. My rheumatoid arthritis has repsonded well to the meds I’m taking, and has basically gone into remission. All my indicators are at a low level for normal people, so the dr and I are very pleased with that. I have almost no pain at the moment, though I do attribute some of that, if not most of it, to my continued use of the hemp CBD tincture.

Dan and I just roll along comfortably for the most part, moving from his house to mine, and back again. It’s easy, so easy. I’m so grateful to have easy. Our big thing right now is outfitting this boat, and he’s constantly researching the best value for chart plotters, and VHF radios, and antennas, plus cleaners and waxes and how to repair the gel coat finish on the hull. We need so much…but slowly it’s coming together. Once we actually have the boat here it will be so much easier.

I guess I’m just randomly reviewing life this morning. Maybe to get myself back on track, after my younger sisters visit and my birthday “week”. Just a bit too much partying for me! In fact, so much so that we skipped open mic this past week. It’s good to step back and observe what we do with our lives, and get a little perspective on where we are at. Now that I’ve done that, I can say, yes, we’re still in that really good place.

As ever, love and light to all.

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