Question Of The Day: Are You A Bed Maker?

Question of the day

(An aside first. I know these should not be questions of the day, because there is no rhyme or reason to when I write and ask them. Life has just gotten to busy for me to come up with one each day. It’s been a long while. This particular question is rather inane, but I’m just curious. Here’s the question.)

Are you a daily bed-maker?

I am. I could never leave the house without having made my bed. Meaning even if I got up late for work, I wasn’t leaving til I’d made my bed. I suppose that was training from my mother, who taught us to do that. Consequently, I cannot stand to get into a bed at night which has not been made. I have been known, when I was married, to make the bed which my ex always left unmade (of course, he always slept later than me) before I got into it at night. Now I am with a man, thank goodness, who considers and understands my dislike of unmade beds. He’s been known to make the bed, especially if I am doing something like cooking breakfast.

I have been asked why I make my bed. I have been asked what the point is of making a bed you are just going to mess up again. It’s kind of like doing the dishes at night. Someone once asked me what would happen if I didn’t clean up the kitchen after dinner, and left the dirty dishes til morning. I replied that I’d wake up totally pissed off, and I sure don’t want to start the day in an ill humor.

So tell me, are you a bed-maker? Let me in on your habits. Have some fun with it!

10 responses to “Question Of The Day: Are You A Bed Maker?

  1. I always pull the blanket and top sheet up over the fitted sheet. It’s not always neat, but it reduces the risk that the dog will get on my sheet. I don’t mind if she gets on the blanket occasionally, but I like to keep it clean in between the sheets. That’s the main reason I make the bed. Plus, it looks better.

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