The Last Open Mic Night and Other Things

Stream of consciousness.

My coffee is good this morning. It’s half Guatemalan and half Costa Rican, from Trader Joes. The morning is cloudy and gray, but not supposed to rain. In fact, the sun is supposed to come out. When it does it will be hot, and muggy, since it’s rained so much lately. Florida summer has come early.

I’ve not been able to write lately. Maybe I’m just too busy. My process for writing is to have some time to myself. Like an hour or two a day. I just don’t have that kind of time to give it lately. Boat stuff, still. I get distracted by it, even when I think I have set aside some time. For instance, I started writing this, as stream of consciousness, and Dan came in and we started searching for something that we need for the boat. Of course I’m going to help, of course I’m going to stop what I’m doing and see if we can get an answer. Nothing can really wait til later, because it has to get finished before it goes for painting. Dan does not mind if I am writing while he works, he knows it’s important to me. I admit, I have a little guilt if I am sitting here on the computer while he works though. I suppose that’s a hold over from my past, when I would have been chastised severely for writing while my ex worked. I need to let that stuff go. Next week it goes for bottom painting, so I’ll have a more time while it’s there.

I’m thinking that I may need to get a part time job to help pay for this boat. Seems ridiculous, and I’m happily not broke but am spending more money than I planned on it. By the time we have finished and got it running the way we want, the price will have doubled from the original purchase price. Scary.

Of course, I could spend some time making jewelry, which I like to do, and getting it up on my etsy site ( and actually make an effort to sell some of it.. Maybe I’ll do that once the boat is pretty much done.

Last night was the last regular Thursday night open mic. The restaurant has decided not to renew it’s lease, and is closing. We are hoping that someone will take over, sign a new lease and continue the open mic night. There are others in town, but none quite like this one. It was such a great show last night. I’m trying to try to upload video of the house band playing, but haven’t been able to do it, and am running out of time so I’ll put it up later if I can get it to work.. We’ve had a couple very accomplished jazz musicians joining in recently, a keyboardist and a phenomenal trumpet player.

I’m so sad to see open mic night end. I think that everyone I know here, every friend I’ve made here since I moved here a year and a half ago I met at open mic. All of my writers group, and many more. Like the musicians playing in this video.

I realize that I am scattered, and rather uninspired to do any really decent writing. I am happy, I am living a good life, it’s all good. At some point I’m sure my creative juices will flow again, and I’ll write something besides stream of consciousness updates. Until then, love and light to all.


3 responses to “The Last Open Mic Night and Other Things

  1. I can relate to the time and writing. Since I “retired” and get to make my own schedule, writing and art are easily infringed upon. I had scheduled writing and art times that worked for a while, but something eventually comes up that I make an exception for and writing and art get pushed to the back burner. I’m usually able to do my blogging, but working on my next book is too easily pushed back. Oh, well, life is full of marvelous things anyway and you’re going to have so much fun on that boat! Sorry about open mic but glad you made friends there.

    • That’s exactly true! It’s so easy to push it back when you are retired, because the mindset is that you have lots of time. And then I think we tend to overfill the time, because our perception is that there’s so much more of it, lol. You’re right, life is so good. I’ll take a temporary set back in my creative process in exchange for the joy that I feel for most everything I do. Thanks for helping me to remember that!

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