Question of the Day: Which Do You Prefer?

Question of the day.

Which would you prefer, steamed lobster with drawn butter only, or the best mashed potatoes ever with butter?

Ok, this is one of the absurd questions that lurks in my head at the moment.

Last night for dinner, I roasted a roast beef eye of the round roast, made homemade mashed potatoes, and Dan roasted asparagus. I made gravy, mushroom gravy. When Dan chose not to have it on his potatoes, and just have butter we got into a kind of tongue in cheek discussion.

I said, “You’re like a mashed potato purist, I think. Like me with lobster. Don’t do anything to a lobster but steam or boil it, and serve it with drawn butter. Or garlic butter.” Now this is not to say you can’t put chunks of lobster in a hot dog bun and call it a lobster roll, but please, don’t mix it with mayonnaise and a bunch of other stuff. Just butter, lobster and hot dog bun is acceptable, as well as plain with drawn butter.

Dan is not much of a lobster fan. He likes it ok, but it’s not his favorite food. While I don’t think mashed potatoes are his favorite food, he does really like the way I make them, (with half and half, cream cheese, and sometimes a little sour cream). He said that it has to be some kind of special gravy to be worthy of putting it on mashed potatoes. (I had made packaged gravy and added my own sauteed mushrooms.) He said he doesn’t understand how anyone could choose lobster over the best mashed potatoes ever. He was a being just a little bit facetious. I told him I’d get a poll today on who would choose what.

So, I’m asking. In your comment to answer the question, you could also tell me what food you WOULD pass up mashed potatoes with butter for, if it’s not with lobster.

As ever, love and light to everyone.

8 responses to “Question of the Day: Which Do You Prefer?

  1. Steamed lobster with “garlic” butter, hands down. Lol. I don’t like a lot of butter in my mashed potatoes. I don’t much care for it. I know I’m odd. Lol

  2. I never had lobster and in general I don’t like seafood, (urchins, muscles, whelks etc) but I do like mashed potatoes, with butter! No gravy on mine tho, its a great sin IMO! 😉

  3. As an aspiring (almost) vegan, Dan’s roasted asparagus sounds delicious. I’ve just discovered how much I love lemon juice and soy sauce together, so I’ve started put that on my cooked veggies.

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