Weird-Ass Week (or Confused Seas)

It’s been kind of a weird-ass week, maybe 2. Just odd. One of those periods when the normal flow of the universe goes from being small, easy waves to a serious chop of a couple feet. Like, nothing major but some things deeper than they seem on the surface. I know I’m not doing a good job of explaining this. I’m trying.

I’m so much about the energy that flows. Sometimes, for me and for everyone, it just flows along and nothing sends it too far up or down, and we just deal with what comes our way. It’s been like that for a long time, well, what is a long time for me. Like over a year, really a year and a half since I moved here. Even the advent of Dan in my life was easy, and didn’t disrupt the flow, instead it added to it, it made it more stable and richer.

Bring in the decision of he and I to buy a boat. Since we did that there have been a couple of rough seas. (Please forgive all the sea / maritime metaphors here. It’s just where I’m at at the moment.) We found a boat we liked at a really good price, and since have found out that price was so good for a reason. Still, neither of us regrets the decision to buy it. We are constantly finding tasks that need to be undertaken to make it, well, not perfect, but really comfortable. Besides the shower sump, which I’ve gone into in great detail in other blogs. It’s ok, we work through each thing, together. Like the canvas, and the compass, and the water pressure for the sinks, etc. We seem to work through things pretty well together, and slowly we fix one thing and then another. It’s good to know we can do that.

There have been other things. I feel kinda like Mercury is retrograde, lol, so I expect that some things just won’t go the way I want them. Only trouble is Mercury is not retrograde, and communication is not an issue on a planetary level, which…while it’s not universal it’s a pretty big playing field, right?

My sister got upset with me, in an out-of-character moment. For something unavoidable on my end, or whatever. I wasn’t in a place to deal with it properly, nor was she, and it was hard, and fucked me up for a week or so. I’ve had digestive problems all week, and I know that’s where they stem from because hey, the solar plexus is where we store all our emotions. That damn 3rd chakra. Even Dan, who doesn’t buy into a lot of my spiritual stuff, said to me, “Deb. You’ve had these problems because of this thing with your sister. “ I knew he was right. (Having RA doesn’t help, because I think the emotions set off a cycle of inflamation in the area where the emotions are.) Today my sister and I were able to come to terms and are back on the loving path we are normally on, but the anomalies like this one kill us both, she and I. Not good. I feel bad about it, I know she does. I love her so much and nothing ever changes that.

Then, yesterday was Dan’s birthday. We had to get the boat, via trailer, to the place we were having it bottom painted. We were nervous about it. Because the trailer, to make a long story short, was a mess, and parts of it were held together with a strap, and the taillights on one side didn’t work, and because even though I have decades of boating experience they do not include much trailering of a boat. The condition of the trailer had me nervous that it might not hold together for the 5 mile trip to the workyard. (Though Dan tells me it he wasn’t worried that it would make it.). I had pictured us broke down between here and there, because the boat fell off the trailer, and the police would come and we wouldn’t even have current registration of the boat with us.

So, ok, we get it there, no problems, no breakdowns, not police, it was all good. Until the guys at the marina told us that the way the boat sits on the trailer won’t allow their hoist, (a huge lift with straps that are placed around the boat and then lift it up so they can put it on poppets to paint it), to lift the boat off the trailer. We need to put it in the water at a municipal marina a few miles away, drive it to them in the water, and they can hoist it up in the water. Which would be fine except we had NO equipment on the boat. No dock lines, no boat hook to grab lines from them, no life jackets, and worst of all, a captain who has never driven the boat before. Oh, and just to put icing on the cake, there was very little gas on the boat. So, ok. The place is really good, and takes care of people, and said leave the boat there and they will get it up to the marina, put it in the water and drive it back at their leisure. At no charge.

Another very nerve wracking experience. More for Dan, who was expected to do the driving and has never driven the boat at all. Less for me, because I knew we could do it all pretty easily, as long as we didn’t run out of gas. However, when your gas gauge is on E, it’s risky, even for a couple of miles. Considering the boat burns at best a gallon every 2 miles. But the universe took over and let things happen the way they needed to happen. It was all good.

After that circus (?) at the marina., we had to go to his moms for a birthday lunch for him. Not what he was dying to do after spending 2 hours sweating (literally, since it was about 90°) the whole thing about putting the boat in the water and driving it back to the marina. He just wanted to spend his birthday relaxing the rest of the day, but that was not what his 91 year old mother wanted, and you know, what 91 year olds want they get. At least if they are in good enough health to ask for it. So we dealt with that and were supposed to go out to dinner that night but we just stayed home, and vegged out. I mean really…..My stomach still had issues, we weren’t hungry, I ended up with a headache, so did he…..Yada yada. We stayed home.

I felt bad, it was his birthday, and he deserved more than what he got from me. I already told him I want to buy him a good fishing rig for the boat, because he loves to fish. But it would have been nice to actually have it, to give to him, ON his birthday.

Today, I went out to breakfast with my bff down here. (I have a few bff’s but only one down here, really) It was great. My sister and I communicated and we are ok now, I think. Dan and I took the rest of the day off, and found a place we wanted to go and have dinner, part of the birthday gift of his mother. Spend almost $200 on dinner for 2, but damn it was good. We were hungry, but we ate everything. Crazy. I think we were celebrating. We’ve been non-stop on the boat since it got into my driveway, with things that needed to be accomplished before it went to the place that’s painting it. We were talking about the boat being in the water before the end of June, and that was fun to think about and to make tentative plans about. Like anchoring out in the bay here for the 4th of July for the fireworks.

Yeah lots of kind of confused seas, coming at us from all directions this week. The going got tough for awhile. Like Dan said, “every single thing you touch on a boat needs fixing or money….” Hopefully that is a finite, not infinite, pattern, and at some point we will be anchored out, enjoying a drink in the cockpit and all the work will be done, at least for the moment. That’s the plan anyway. I feel like the wind is now calming the seas for us, at least for the moment, and giving us a breather in what has to be done.

Somehow, I feel like this post is a massive SRO. Not sure I can post it, but it does me a lot of good to write it all out. I feel ready to fall asleep at the moment. Maybe that’s the 2 bottles of good red wine we had. Uh duh. Maybe?

Love and light to all.

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  1. My long ago experience with owning a boat left me with the feeling like it was a hole in the water that kept sucking money. I loved sitting on it, relaxing, reading and feeling like I was in a cozy cocoon, but a divorce separated me from the boat.

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