Gong Bath, Revisited

A few readers of my blog might remember that I used to go to gong baths regularly when I lived in CT. In case you’ve never heard of one, it’s a sound healing meditation. Below is a link from Youtube that will give you a little bit of the feel of the gongs, though the vibration really can’t be transmitted electronically . The gong baths I went to had 8 gongs, two players, crystal bowels, tibetan bowls, bells, drums, and a plethora of other vibrational instruments. You lay on a comfortable mat on the floor (my personal preference), or in a reclining chair or zero-gravity recliner, the lights go out, and you bathe in the vibrations for an hour or so.  There were usually from 15 to 50 people there, depending on the venue.

I went to these 2 or 3 times a month, regularly for about 8 years. They were put on by a couple who became dear friends of mine. The gong bath helped me heal from all kinds of emotional trauma while I was going through my epic divorce, and even after with other issue that I had to deal with. I found that there was always another layer to peel back, and the gong bath facilitated that better than anything else.

Last night, up here in CT, my friends had things they had to do that had been planned long ago. I remembered that my gonging friends used to hold a gong bath one Thursday night a month, so I texted them and sure enough, they were having one for summer solstice and there was room for me! What perfect timing, to have a gong bath after such a difficult week so full of sadness and loss. It was awesome. Perfect way to release a lot of that pain. I slept well last night and feel pretty good this morning. It was also wonderful to catch up with these friends.

At the baths I went to, (including the one last night), they would start with crystal bowl and tibetan bowl playing, and slowly build to a crescendo which we call a tsunami. The sound of 8 gongs being wailed on simultaneously defies description. It does not hurt your ears, being an organic vibration that meets your own body’s vibration. It absolutely fills the room with sound. It is impossible to hold onto any thought that isn’t true, at least that’s how it worked for me and many others. It is the perfect place to release, meaning to laugh, to cry, to scream…no one can hear you. Literally. Just let it bubble up and let it go. Whatever comes is what needs to come.  The most healing thing I’ve ever experienced.

After the tsunami, they gradually quiet down, and then do it again. There were usually multiple tsunamis, the middle being the most intense. They build you up, and then bring you back so you can absorb and recover from the intense emotional release. They usually ended it with drumming.

I have always been able to get into a very deep meditation when assisted by the gongs. A couple of times Peter (the husband of the couple) would have to call me back, lol. “Deb, it’s time to come back…..” I’d open my eyes and find everyone else talking about their experience.

Anyway, last night was superb. It took me a few minutes to relax, I think because I was so happy and excited to be there again after an almost 2 year hiatus. But I went somewhere, deep and far away and came back feeling whole and refreshed.

On a different note along the same metaphysical lines, I was able to give my friend whose son died a nice long reiki session while I was there the other day. She is very open to it. She used to go to the gong baths and to a group meditation with me, and I have given her reiki before. On thing that happened that was awesome to me was that at one point I was just raking crap out of her aura with my fingers, not touching her at all. When it was over, she opened her eyes and the first thing she said was “I could feel you pulling that stuff off of me.” Pretty cool! And she felt much better. She even looked more at peace, her eyes less puffy, her face relaxed.

I have kind of gotten out of the metaphysical world, though I’ve given Dan reiki on a few occasions, This trip has kind of propelled me back into it, and it feels good, like remembering who I was and who I am. My life has changed but at my center, I don’t think I have changed too much. Just happy, and content, and drama free. I’m thinking I am going to have to figure out a way to offer reiki to people down in FL. I need a massage table or at least a zero-gravity chair. My big problem is having the space to do it, in my tiny house. Things to figure out.

So it is, that I came here, to CT, to be here for my friends, and have been able to be. I am grateful for that. And grateful I was able to get to a much needed gong bath while I was here.

As ever, love and light to all.

4 responses to “Gong Bath, Revisited

  1. I was thinking of you only yesterday – I was over in Wales having a short break, at a place called Bodnant Gardens, (amazingly lovely place!) The shop there had some Temple Drums, which had a very good sound reminded me of your gongs! http://www.templedrum.co.uk – I was astonished how good these sounded! 🙂

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