Days In The Life

I’ve been a little tired lately. Sometimes I think it’s the meds for RA giving me a little brain fog. Or the RA itself, it’s known for that. Anyway here’s how it manifests with me.

I’m tired but we had that things to do so yesterday so Dan drove my car, (because my car is way easier to park than his pick-up truck) and we left. First we went to a new market that was running some specials. One of the things they are noted for is bacon which is smoked on the premises. So eventually we got back to the counter where it is sold. They had a tray of cooked bacon out for samples.

I reached in and took one. With my fingers. The guy behind the counter said “um there are toothpicks right there.” I said “oh ok ” and proceeded to take a toothpick, spear another piece of bacon, eat the bacon, and then, gracefully return the toothpick to the tray where I’d gotten it. You know, the tray full of clean UNUSED toothpicks. Yes, I did this. Really.

At which point Dan looked at me incredulously and quietly (thank goodness!) said “What are you doing?” And then I, at that point, opened my eyes W.I.D.E., and my face turned red. I looked to see if anyone had seen me do that, and a woman in her 40’s maybe, was looking at me with a smile which was obviously masking hysterical laughter which was threatening to break out. I slid away from the bacon case, and hid behind Dan, who thankfully is tall enough to hide behind, and let him finish buying the bacon.

We headed to produce and Dan erupted in laughter at me, which made me laugh hysterically at myself (I mean, what else could I do? It was laugh at myself or tear out of the store.). It was about then that I looked up and saw the woman who had been witness to my tired, RA-ridden faux pas at the bacon counter. She smiled knowingly, although with no apparent judgement.

I sheepishly smiled back at her, while inside I was looking for the nearest exit.

This was my life yesterday

Today, we’re sitting at my kitchen table having lunch. We are both dripping sweat, having been working on the boat in 95 degree heat in the front yard and I mowed the lawn. (I mowed it because Dan is trying to get electronics installed, and get a handle on the fresh water systems.)

Anyway, we remarked how yesterday was the first day in about a month without any rain. Because, that’s what it does here. Sun is out or not, but almost every day there are t-storms for a short time, 5 minutes or as much as an hour or two. Dan looked at his phones then, and declared happily, “no rain all day, again!!” As he said that he looked out the window, exclaimed “ITS POURING!!” And ran out to the boat because the door and all the hatches had been left open in the 95 degree sunshine.

So, no rain today. Oh except this little downpour right here, right now. This little anomaly that dropped 1/2″ of rain in the 15 minutes it poured.

After Dan dried up the cushions in the v-berth in the front of the boat, he covered it, and we called it a day for boat work.

A couple of days in the life. Mundane, boring, hysterical, punctuated with unexpected moments of rain, of tenderness, of bonding. It’s a rich full life. No drama. No looking backward. Enjoying the ride.

As always, love and light.

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