A Reminder

It’s been a long couple weeks. Launched the boat, found a leak in a gas filter so we had gasoline leaking into the bilge. Said filter was supposedly replaced by the mechanic who went over the engine, but obviously was not. The mechanic came to the boat and fixed it, at no charge. While he was there Dan had him run the generator since we hadn’t run it since they’d serviced it. It ran. As soon as the guy left, it stopped. Now we’re waiting for them to come back to the boat and fix it. We had to buy a new water pump and install it.

On top of all this, our water line sprung a leak which was leaking over 300 gallons of water per day into the ground. So….Dan had to dig a trench 40’ long by about 15” deep to lay a new water line, which the city water department did, at no cost. But digging that trench in 90° – feels like 100° – around the many shallow big roots of my banyan tree, just about did him in, after weeks of busting his ass on the boat and the trailer. Not to mention it saved me about $2000 not to have to pay to have it dug.

My house has been filled with parts and tools, and cleaning products, and we could never find what we were looking for. It was all a pressure deal, certainly not helped by the water leak. It wore on us, and I had to stay away from here and tend to the matters at hand. Not to mention that it was raining heavily while we had this water leak, and my yard was full of mud, which got tracked in the house repeatedly, requiring constant cleaning of my kitchen floor.

The good news is, most everything is done. It was supposed to rain all day today. Understand that this time of year (commonly known as monsoon season) it rains every day. But today it was supposed to rain all day. It rained for about 10 minutes this morning and the afternoon was gorgeous. So in the late afternoon, we went to the boat, we promised we’d do no work, and we shared a bottle of wine, and just relaxed for a few hours. Finally. We are regaining our bearings.

So anyway, tonight after dinner, we looked out the window and the sky was just lit up by the sunset. Incredible. Sometimes, the Universe just gives you a gift. It kind of felt like a reward, for getting through that stress intact.

Now I know that in the grand scheme of things issues on a boat and the water line and having to clean the floor constantly are not big issues. But at 65 and 67 years old, it was just a bit much. I certainly appreciated being reminded what a beautiful place this world is, which made me really grateful for all my blessings: my home (with a new water line), my boat (which is one of my great pleasures in life), and my man, who is incredibly dedicated and consistent and loving.

I’ve put some pics up of the sunset. They were taken from my yard, so the scenery is not gorgeous, but the sky…..was wondrous. I hope you enjoy. In the meantime, as always, love and light to everyone.

5 responses to “A Reminder

  1. We’ve had a crazy amount of rain here, too. I wish we could send some where it’s needed more. There’s a small lake in my soggy backyard. A couple nights ago, I realized that brown water seeping in where my bathtub meets the wall probably means big water damage and major repairs. Well, I’ve been wanting to get my bathroom redone anyway. Tonight, the frogs are singing a symphony, the birds still sing when the rain stops, and the sun still makes glorious colors in the sky. Thank you for this reminder to look past the lines to the sunsets.

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