Going For Our First Boat Ride

It’s generally been so cloudy and rainy every morning, we haven’t seen morning sun in a long while here on Florida’s west coast. But it is not raining today! And the sun is out!!

The plan is to go for our first boat ride today. I’m not counting driving it to the ramp after the bottom was painted, or putting it in the slip. There was too much then that needed to be fixed, and now is, for the most part. So today we will take it out into the bay and learn about how it moves, how it really drives, and maybe even anchor out for lunch. The forecast is for very light winds and calm seas, and (!) only partly cloudy skies. Kind of like September weather, which, down here is still very hot, but drier than summer. I’m so looking forward to it!

And then, tonight is the full moon, so I’m kind of wanting to stay down there into the evening and maybe even overnight so we can see the full moon on the water.

Hoping this inspires me. The idea of sitting in the cockpit with my morning coffee, before the temps heat up is absolutely calming. Maybe see a dolphin. Maybe take a swim in the warm Gulf waters.

How frigging lucky am I? Can’t believe this dream manifested itself!

Speaking of that, I’m doing Oprah and Deepaks new 21 day meditation (free) on the energy of attraction. How to attract those things that you desire in life. Like The Secret, but more spiritual. But it’s made me think how this boat, like so many things in my life, is the manifestation of a dream I’ve had.

It can be an amazing thing, this life.

Love and light to all.

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