The Dog Days of Summer

We went for our first boat ride, and then took 2 days off. Because….

1. The boat has some throttle or engine issues.

2. I wrenched my knee good stepping down from the windshield walk through onto the deck. There are three steps. One from the dash, to get to the helm. Then there is another where the helm meets the rest of the cockpit sole. Then there is one more by the door to the cabin. They are all close together and narrow. I went from the first, by the windshield, to the last, by the door to the cabin, thinking I was stepping down to the helm. So I spent a lot of time with an ice pack for a couple of days. Knee is now feeling pretty good, there’s just a slight twinge if I turn it the wrong way.

3. We needed to check on Dan’s mother.

4. We thought the hot tub and pool would be nice for my aching knee and a sore shoulder and arm Dan has been dealing with.

5. We were sick of sweating so much.

We did have a nice ride. We just went out into the bay, and drove a couple miles to the other end and back. We anchored out and had lunch. It was Dan’s first time anchoring. It was my maybe 1000th time, lol. It was nice I could do something and he could relax. We had sandwiches. We found out that the 90° / 80% humidity was easier to take when there was a sea breeze blowing over you.

The pool and hot tub were nice, and helped. We went late at night, when it’s down to about 80°. The pool water is slightly warmer than that, and it’s very pleasant to get into.

Today we’re going back to the boat. Supposedly the generator was fixed and we want to go run it. We want to investigate the throttle problem, because the engine doesn’t run well under a load. Apparently $3000 is not enough to spend getting it to run right. We’ll call the place who was supposed to make it run right, after we check out a few things on our own.

It seems monsoon season is letting up some, giving us back some sunny mornings. The humidity is still really bad, but hey, it’s summer in FL. And honestly, I remember New England being almost as steamy. Although the nights are cooler there, and the hot sticky weather comes in waves. It’s not an every day thing, like it is here. I’ve given up wearing a bra down here unless I’m going out. Because it takes about 5 minutes to totally pit it out. Shorts and a loose top, that’s it. And lots of laundry. Well, I knew that would be the case moving down here, so I’m not meaning to bitch. Just comment. I’d still way rather have this than a foot of snow and two months below freezing.

I think these are what we used to call the dog days of summer, right? August starts day after tomorrow, and it used to be my favorite month. Hot, not much rain, no holidays, just lay back and enjoy it. Now, it’s pretty much always that way, but I still have that habitual reaction to August. Love those long hot summer days.

Hope all is well with everyone. As ever, sending love and light to all.

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