In The Path of the Hurricane

It was just about this time last year when Hurricane Irma blew by Tampa. It made a hard right just south of here, and went off to our east, sparing us the worst. Still, it was a Cat 2 hurricane here, and I was out of power for 8 days. The memory is still fresh. In 1985 I lived in CT, about 5 miles from the Connecticut River, which was basically the path that the eye of that Cat 3/4 storm took through CT. When that was over, we had a gigantic oak tree across our driveway. It took us and our neighbors 2 days to clear it so we could get out of the driveway. Lost power for about 5 days then.

Now, as I watch as Hurricane Florence put the coast of the Carolinas in its bullseye, my heart goes out the people who live in these beautiful places. It will change life for quite a while, and for some people, forever. It’s supposed to come ashore in the middle of the night. That’s scary because you can only hear, and not see, what’s happening. Although maybe seeing is worse, to watch trees topple over like toothpicks on homes.

I’m also sending up prayers for those who live in the path after it makes landfall, and begins it’s inland path of destruction. As people deal with copious amounts of rain, and usually the spawn of tornadoes.

I’m sending up prayers for the safety of those in harm’s way. In this case, thoughts and prayers are all we can do. Tomorrow will be a tough day for millions on the east coast. It’s times like this that realigns our perspective on what’s important, and what’s not. It often brings out the best in people, as we forget what divides us, and just allow our innate human nature to shine. To cooperate, and help, and extend a hand where we can.

So love and light to all, but especially to the eastern US for the next few days.


4 responses to “In The Path of the Hurricane

  1. Thank you, Deborah. We had our first rain band and now the sky is a very bright grey – almost sunny and relatively calm winds. It seems hurricanes often come in the middle of the night, or maybe those are the most memorable ones because you can only imagine. I’m imagining Florence will weaken and just clear out the dead wood from our trees. But we’re ready with candles, canned goods, water, and peanut butter. Your prayers are much appreciated.

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