A Visit

My son has come and gone. It was wonderful to have him here for 5 days. We mostly ate a lot of good food, and relaxed at the beach, at the pool, and talked and watched movies. It was relaxing for both of us, as we easily slipped into our old habits of a lifetime, the comfortable-ness of lives lived together over decades.

There was some stress for Dan, of course, who had never met my son. They’d spoken on the phone a few times when Dan tried to help him out with car issues. But of course in person is different, but it went perfectly. They got along great. They liked each other. Dan spent a couple of nights with me, but also went back to his place a couple times, against my wishes, lol, but he knew it was important that Bruce and I get some time alone to catch up and talk about things on our minds. It was weird waking alone, (it was the inspiration for the haiku I wrote yesterday, “Across Miles”) but in the end, I was grateful for his consideration. My son and I were able to talk about our relationships enough to give each of us a pretty clear picture of where we were at. I got to talk to him about the role of Dad he is taking on with his girlfriend’s daughter, my worries and concerns, the pitfalls for him, and to get reassured from him that he has a good handle on what he’s doing.

And besides, one bathroom and 3 people is difficult in the morning, lol.

We spent the days together, a couple days at Dan’s at the pool, another day at the beach, one day driving to where the boat is getting fixed, where the shop put it in the water for us and at least we got about a half hour ride. We ate a lot of good food at good restaurants and beach bars. My son said it was just what he needed, that he got regrounded and rejuvenated. That’s all I could ask.

Today, I am exhausted. Not sure why, but I’m guessing because I was up late every night he was here, to his amazement, and I’m never able to sleep later than about 7 or 7:30. So we’re just kicking back today, resting. We went to the pool for a short swim, but otherwise, have just been lounging.

It was a good visit. Not long enough, but it never is. He says he’s coming back in April, with the girlfriend and daughter. Sure beats waiting another 18 months.

Back to my regular life. Love and light to all.

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