FIB No. 1: Dusk

On the
Evening as I breathe
In the stillness of solitude

Today was a beautiful October day here on the west coast of Florida.  We awoke to temperatures in the 60’s for the first time in 6 months.  We went outside fairly early so we could get the lawn mowed and the trimming finished before the heat rose to its normal highs.  Then made a Sam’s club run. Besides doing laundry, etc.   We stopped by our neighbor’s BBQ stand that he has in the yard of a friend, and bought a couple of smoked chicken dinners.  And now, I sit out on my deck.  I needed 15 minutes to myself, to regroup.  I found a 15 minute mindfulness meditation that was just what I needed.  The day is melting into night, the trees are silhouettes against a rosy blue sky.  My partner, my love comes to join me and now I go, to take some time to dream.


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