Practicing Reiki

Your head lays on the pillow
The pillow lays on my lap
My hands are warm
As I lay them on your head
On your forehead
On your shoulder
On your heart
On your stomach
On your chest
On your throat

Colors float past my closed eyes
I feel heat and cool where I lay my hands
The energy spins
And dances
And lays down to rest.
Your breath becomes easy
Your eyes close
I watch your pain begin to dissipate
In the colors behind my eyelids

It is not me.
I have no power.
I am no one.
I am everyone.
I ask only that love flow through me
Into you
That’s all.
It is an honor to be a conduit for love.

By Deborah E. Dayen

12 responses to “Practicing Reiki

  1. It’s interesting that this post comes up now. Except for an occasional minute on myself or a pet, I had not done reiki in a long time. A couple nights ago, I became a conduit for my husband who is recovering from sinus surgery and had a headache. The flowing energy felt strong, warm and good. You described this so well.

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