Welcoming In 2019

Well, it’s 2019. Since, according to numerology, that “2019 is a number 3 year in numerology, making it a year for creativity, self-expression, and alignment” I thought maybe I should start the year out by writing. It’s been a struggle lately, but maybe I’m ready again. Like maybe my writer’s block has gone into remission, temporarily anyway. We’ll see.

We had a lovely New Year’s Eve. We had a couple who are good friends over for dinner. She is one of my best friends and part of my writer’s group, he runs the Open Mic that we go to regularly and is a wonderful musician. Then we all went down to the waterfront and walked from venue to venue enjoying the atmosphere and festive vibe. We weren’t drinking (because we’d had enough with dinner) but we were swaying/semi-dancing to a great band for awhile. It was so nice out, about 70° and dry. Perfect Florida winter weather.


We went back to their house which is only a few short blocks from the water, and hung out til midnight, toasted our champagne toasts and went home. It was the most pleasant, relaxed and lovely night we’d had in a long time.

Today, after I’d taken down the small amount of Christmas decorations I’d put up at the last minute, we took a walk down to the Clam Bayou in town. It’s a lovely park that runs along a bayou with fishing piers and hiking trails overlooking the waterways. We saw fish in the bayou, which was wonderful because they had disappeared with the last bout of red tide.

We saw about 4 large boats (around 30’ to 35’) which had been blown hard ashore in the big storm the week before Christmas, that just happened to hit at a full moon tide. I’ve put a picture of them laying on the rocks on the shore.


As we walked along the sea wall of the inlet to our marina, a dolphin began to swim in the channel of the inlet, playfully diving and swimming on the surface. Always a good sign in my book!

IMG_0780(Edited)            IMG_0913

Then we walked over to the gas dock to check out a 74’ yacht, which was getting diesel. As they filled the boat, Dan began a conversation with the owner (I assume he was, maybe he was the captain, not owner though) and found out the boat holds 1600 gallons of gas which will take him 200 miles, he said. So….diesel gas, $3.95 a gallon, x 1600 gallons…$6320 to go 200 miles. GULP. $31.60 per mile! Geezus, talk about having money to burn!

We headed home, and made a lovely dinner for ourselves. It was a great way to start the new year. We’re looking forward to the new year together. I’m feeling very blessed at the moment, to be sharing my life with this man.

I know this reads more like a journal than a blog, but I wanted to share these pictures, and hopefully a little of the energy.  And the sunshine, lol.  Love and light to all.  And Happy New Year!

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