Saving the Peace Lily

peace lily

I’ve had a Peace Lily in my house since I moved out of my ex-husband’s house. My sister gave me one when I moved into a condo, where I remained for the 4 years I worked to end that relationship. My cat loved batting at the leaves, thereby shredding them, and just about killed it. It wasn’t really happy there,and neither was I, but managed to survive just until I was ready to move.

Then when I moved into my house, my dream house, I bought another, and put it in the corner of my formal living room, with big vaulted ceilings and skylights. That plant was very happy there, for the 5 years it lived there. There were times I was getting 12 blossoms on it at once. But then, my son and I was happy there, and I suppose it got that vibe. When I moved I gave it to one of my best friends, who has an incredibly green thumb and it’s still thriving, as far as I know.

When I moved to Florida, I bought yet one more. It’s lived inside and outside, but seems to like my desk the most. It has done well, but has been looking a little peaked, with some leaves turning yellow and brown, and dying. So, the other day Dan and I went to Home Depot and got a new, bigger pot, and some new soil. We came home and began the repotting thing.

The old pot was maybe a 8” pot. The new pot is 15”. It needed a lot more soil. But what it really needed was to have it’s roots thinned out. Dan said he’d never seen a plant so potbound. Weird, how my plant in my house in CT never got repotted, and thrived. This one which I’ve had half as long, was ridiculous. Though, I’m guessing the pot on the one I have here was much smaller than the old one.

So, we did this repotting about a week ago. The pot is one of those self-watering pots so we filled it with water, and left for Dan’s for a few days. When we got back to my house yesterday, the plant looked so much better! The leaves were regaining their color, and seemed full. New leaves are sprouting up, and I was delighted to find a new lily bud popping through!

Please note that I do NOT have a green thumb and do very little gardening. This plant and one other, and a few herbs are the extent of my gardening experience. But I have to say how satisfying it is to see the plant begin to fade, and then see it beginning to thrive again. It has encouraged me to at least see if I can’t find a way to grow some things, like beans, and cherry tomatoes, in addition to the few herbs (basil for caprese!, parsley, maybe some chives and rosemary.) I need them to be in the boxes you can set high enough to work on them standing up. My knees would argue with me if I tried to kneel and weed. And I’m thinking I could maybe plant a lime tree somewhere.

Honestly, I don’t want to get into a whole new passion. I already have writing, jewelry making, the boat, 2 homes between Dan and I. I don’t have much time to give them, but I can carve out some…

Dan’s pretty knowledgeable about growing things. He’s had some good suggestions. I don’t know if this will become a reality or not, but one thing is for sure. That peace lily makes me smile every time I walk by it. I’d like to multiply that good vibe a little. You know, spread the happiness out my back door and see what happens.

Love and light everyone.

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