In A Slight State of Inebriation (Just slight though!)

I’ve consumed about a half a bottle of a “bourbon barrel aged” red wine blend that was on sale as a BOGO (you know, buy one, get one). It is one we had not tried before, but it looked good on the wine app “ Vivino”. We bought it and a cabernet sauvignon on the BOGO deal. It turns out the red blend, at least, is quite good! I lean, we  both lean, to red zinfandel wine, which is really a full-bodied red wine, so a red blend has to be good for me to call it good. This one is. (by Cask and Barrel, Rack House Red Blend. 2017).

I am just slightly inebriated, but only slightly. To be honest, I also had a couple hits of legal, medical marijuana. But I digress, just a little. Though it’s all part of the whole, I suppose.

My eyes have been getting really bad over the last year. I’ve not worn glasses, except for 1.75 readers for years. But last year I got prescription glasses, and this year I need a new prescription. The result of cataracts not yet ripe enough to remove. So, I got my eyes examined a few weeks ago, and lo and behold, they gave me a new prescription. So. Between Dan’s daughter and gk’s being here, and then Easter, I didn’t get back to the eye dr.’s til today to look at glasses.

What a friggin nightmare that was. My health insurance gives me $300 toward glasses. Since I paid less than $150 for the pair I have been wearing for a year, I thought $300 was a real deal. Ha Ha Ha.

The $300 was only available at vendors approved by my insurance, one of which was the place that examined my eyes and gave me the prescription. The glasses there were $850.00, so with my $300 credit, they’d have been over $500.

Really? When I can buy them online for $140?

I decided to go to Sam’s Club. They are basically next door to the eyeglass place. I’m going to make a long story short here, At Sam’s, they discovered a discrepancy in my prescription. I drove the 1000’ back to the eyeglass place that gave me the script in the first place. They could not correct it on the spot. They had to wait for the dr who wrote it, to come in and change the prescription. (One of the things I needed corrected was the fact that they had given me, at my eye exam 3 weeks ago, last year’s prescription, not the new one. So if Sam’s had filled the order, I would have had a duplicate of the glasses that no longer enabled me to see.) They actually called Sam’s and got into an argument with them. Like, much more interested in winning the argument than in whether or not I was inconvenienced. But finally they agreed to do what had to be done. It meant that we had to go back to the eyeglass place for a 3rd time in 3 hours to get the prescription corrected. By then, I was burned out on getting glasses, despite my inability to read the “info” on the TV screen.

However, Dan got a new pair, so that’s good for him! And at least the day wasn’t a waste.

So on the way home, I said, “Let’s go home, open a bottle of that wine we bought BOGO yesterday and play cards or something.” Because my head was splitting. I couldn’t seem to let go of the fact that if Sam’s hadn’t questioned something on the prescription, I would have ended up with a pair of glasses that did me no good.

Oh well, I was soon convinced by my significant other to let it go. Go home, look through some other sites, see what I can find online. I did so. Found the frames I currently have, which I like, after looking through 500 pairs of glasses. However, the online company doesn’t accept my health insurance so first I need to go look at a couple other of their vendors, considering I can get $300 if they have regular priced frames and lenses (as opposed to those 300% higher). After that, I took two Tylenol for the headache I’d developed and laid down for a short nap.

The day ends well. I beat him at gin, which in and of itself is just this side of amazing. Especially considering that was when the wine etc was consumed. Then we made a nice dinner of blackened grilled swordfish steak, some Malaysian Curry Ginger flavored rice (which is SOOOO good) and some homemade coleslaw.

Life here is good, even when it isn’t. Even when what you need to do is a pain in the ass, and gives you a headache, there is a place to go that lets me breathe, while I rediscover that I’m not alone.

Love and light to all.

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