Performing My First Gong Bath

We held our first sound healing yesterday. I’m still absorbing the event. It’s very different from being an attendee, very different from laying on the floor in the dark, going into a deep meditation. Very different sharing that experience with the man I love.

We went early, to set up and test the sound in the room. I found I could not play the tsunami anywhere near as loud as I am used to. This particular room was all wood paneled. It is an old building, built in the 40’s as a civic meeting hall. There is a stage at one end. The energy is wonderful, very special.

We put singing bowls at either end. Dan played the crystal singing bowls off to the side, but up by me. The friend with the Tibetan bowl was in the back of the room, with the ocean drum. Some people were coming for meditation, unaware that we were going to perform a sound healing. But everyone was open to the sound healing. We had about 15 people attend, which is a good crowd for the first time.

I managed to do the welcome, and the guided meditation into the gong bath. I was accompanied with the Tibetan bowl. I was nervous, though I didn’t know how nervous until I sat down to play the gong, and my stomach was on fire. Totally unexpected reaction. Playing was the part I was least nervous about. But, it was release….I guess I had a lot of varying emotions tied to being able to do this.

It was comforting and reassuring to have Dan there with me. I dropped a small mallet, and he came over and picked it up for me. He would signal me as to the sound depth, if it was too quiet or too loud. We found that when the room had 15 people in it, I could play louder that when we tested it with an empty room. I also could motion for him to go back into playing the bowls, etc.

More than the reasurrance and comfort, it was very wonderful to just be sharing this experience with him, working with him. He is as determined as I that this go well. He has a total appreciation of the vibrational quality of the different instruments, and is much more technical about the sound, which is good. At one point he walked up to the stage and whispered to me to not to worry so much about the volume, as it was not as loud as we thought. Which gave me the go-ahead to make the 2nd tsunami louder than the first, although still a good deal quieter than it could have been. And I see him slowly beginning to understand the metaphysics of the vibrational healing too.

He is a blessing in my life.

At the end, he got the conversation going among the attendees, as to what part they liked the best, and we got a lot of good feedback. I learned that even though I spoke slowly and louder than I normally do (I have a too quiet voice) not everyone could hear me, because of the echo in the room. A few people liked the quieter parts the best, but I was particularly happy that quite a few people said that during the tsunami they at first felt some fear, and worked through it (I didn’t play loud for more than a few seconds at a time) and were amazed at how peaceful they felt after.

Which to me, is the whole point. Release the fear, relase what no longer serves, open yourself up to the love of the universe. So I felt that even though it was our first and we have a lot of work to do to get it where we want it to be, I did my job well. One good friend from my Spirit Girls group told me privately about the amazing experience she had. Another friend, one of my best friends, told me she can’t wait to tell me all the things that went through her mind, and the inspiration she got to write something.

This venue was free, because that’s a requirement of using that particular space. We will probably hold this once a month for a little while at this venue, to get the word out about it. But we are looking at other venues where we could make some money doing it.

Dan and I have discussed doing some of the sound healings with just the two of us. Just because. There is a special dynamic, a connection between us which lends itself to more cohesiveness. It’s good to play with the others too. Although I played the entire half hour on the gong, it would be nice to switch it off with Dan, because it would vary the sound, and give us both a chance to play the gong and the bowls. I would really like that. I guess because I still have so much reticence in front of a group, it took a lot of energy for me to continue playing the gong for the whole time.

After we got all the instruments, etc, home, we decided to get something to eat, since we hadn’t eaten yet all day and it was noon. When we got home, I realized I had a crazy headache and my stomach was slightly discombobulated, and I was exhausted. We played a game of cards and then I took a nap for over an hour. All I could think later in the day was how, at the end of the gong bath, I told everyone to be gentle with themselves, that they’d just released a whole bunch of toxins into their systems so to drink a lot of water and flush them out. Apparently, I needed to do this also! Sitting a foot away from the vibrations released a ton of emotions I had about doing this.

Well, the ice is now broken! I have more confidence in going forward, we have some venues to investigate where we can charge money, or ask a love offering. We are thinking $20 suggested donation, but will turn no one away for lack of ability to pay.

It’s an amazing thing for me to be able to do. Onward!

Love and light to everyone.

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