SoCS: Silent Voices

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Is silence silent? I’m not sure that it always is. Sometimes, in the silence, there are silent voices that are louder than any audible voice ever. Speaking fron inside your heart, or from the intuitive part of your brain.

Of course, actually listening to the silence is another thing altogether. It often told me what I needed to do at different points in my life, but I was an obstinate contractictor of all the reason and advice the silence gave me. Silently, I would refuse to listen. And found myself in a marriage that lasted way too long, and in a relationship that was way too toxic.

Those things are way behind me now. I began to listen at some point. I listened to the silence tell me to plan to come here to Florida. I listened when I heard the voice in the silence ask me if I really wanted to bring someone into my new life from my old life who had never done anything but hurt me. I listened when I heard that I would never have a normal life, nor would my son, until I fought my way through what was sure to be an epic nasty divorce, and get away from a man who turned out to be truly psychotic.

But really never mind all that. Pay attention to the silence, the silence that I hear when I’m out in the boat with a man I love and who loves me. To the silence in the night as I feel his breath on my neck as we sleep soundly. I listen to the silence that tells me who are the people I want in my life, and tells me to not be unkind, or dispassionate, but to remain true to myself. I listen to the silence, and I’ve learned to go with the flow so much more easily. Really, living like water. The water is silent, most of the time. It silently soothes my soul, and brings me home, and helps me to remember what is important.

So, for me, self-imposed silence is a wonderful thing, but really, I hear an awful lot in the silence. It has served me well to learn to listen to the voice of the silence, speaking to me silently. It also helps me to actually listen to others when they talk, something I have not always been good at, and maybe I’m still not good at it, but I’m better that I was before I was able to sit in the silence and listen.

I think it was Eckart Tolle who said something like the more you sit in stillness (which is close to the same as silence) the more you will hear. Well, my ears ring almost all the time, but I still can sit in stillness, and silence, and hear what I need to hear.

And so can you, learn to sti in the stillness, in the silent, and hear the voices silently speaking to you.

Love and light to everyone.


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3 responses to “SoCS: Silent Voices

  1. “I listen to the silence that tells me who are the people I want in my life, and tells me to not be unkind, or dispassionate, but to remain true to myself. This is the balance I seek and find now.” Thank you for this wisdom.

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