SoCS: Social, or Not?

The SoCS (Stream of Consciousness Satiurday)

My first thought with this prompt was social media. I use it quite a bit. I have my personal page, a jewelry page for Sundogs Designs, and another page for Living Like Water. My personal page is social, and kind of fun. Sundogs Designs is the least \active, though from time to time I post a few things on there. Usually unique gems, and listings of things I have just made. Living Like Water is really a spiritual page, meant to complement this blog. But since I don’t link them, meaning I don’t post my blogs on my FB page.

There are other social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram and Snapchat. Twitter I have an account on, which I’ve posted on maybe twice. Same for Instagram. I am sundoggirl5592, but have only posted twice, and those were both for my jewelry. I made a new page recently, in addition to sundoggirl5592, called Good Vibrations Sound Healing. It was murder trying to figure out how to have a new page under my personal account. I think I accomplished it after about 2 hours, but I’m not sure and haven’t had the stamina to check to see if I actually did it.

It’s tiring at this age. I am not fluent in social media, but I do realize it is necessary. Good Vibrations Sound Healing is the page for our sound healing group made up of me, Dan, and my friend Lynn. We actually got a regular “gig” twice a month at a new yoga studio in town, about a block from my house. We are performing there on July 9. I will link all the gigs we get to my personal FB page. I’ll do it to the others if I figure out how, lol. This is a paid gig, we are going to split the take with the studio owner. I’ve been busy making flyers and pass-out pieces for it. If the first one goes well, we will make it a regularly scheduled event, 2nd and 4th Tuesday night of every month.

I am pretty social, though not overly so. I came here to Florida with the knowledge and goal of making a new circle of friends to take the space of the circle I left in CT. I am still close with most of the people who were close friends up there. I miss them. Dan and I are going back in September for a wedding. I’m looking forward to it because I know I’ll catch up with a lot of people that I might otherwise not see, friends who will be at the wedding. Dan is such a great guy to go with me. He’s a great guy for a lot of reasons, but the fact that twice he has agreed to go up north with me to hang out for a week or two with people he doesn’t know is amazing.

Social….I have known others who are anti-social. People who protected themselves from others by isolating themselves. Only a few friends, if any. Lying to people who cared about them, thinking they needed protection from even those people, not trusting anyone. It’s so odd, to me. Lying to people who love you, because of some egoic idea that no one really loves you. So of course, it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy, that if you don’t let anyone in, by lying and playing games, and isolating yourself, you find yourself alone, which these people then use as an excuse why they are alone. Because when people lie to you, you tend to back off from them, and stay away, knowing after a while that they bring only ugliness and toxicity to your life.


I guess if you want to be social, that generally you have to be truthful with others, right? At least? I mean, you can try making up stories, telling great yarns, devising elaborate ruses, but eventually the truth will out. It always does. I say truth, at least. Because truth alone will not make you friends. It may make you social, but friendship is gained through trust, through caring, through kindness, through being there. It’s a lot more than just being social. Being able to carry a conversation with someone at a cocktail party over the hor d’oeuvres and a drink is being social, but if you can’t let someone into your truth then social is all you’ll ever be.

Well, I didn’t expect this stream of consciousness to go here, but here we are. I guess the take away is that social media is just social, but if you can begin a real conversation because of social media, who knows, you may make a friend.

Or not. Not everyone will want to be your friend, you won’t want to be everyone’s friend. But at least you won’t be a fake. Or a liar, or a cheat. Or maybe just alone.

Love and light to all.


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2 responses to “SoCS: Social, or Not?

  1. I have a twitter and instagram account but don’t use them much anymore. FB I do in spurts and not like I used to. Between blogging, writing, and life, I have to prioritize my time. Congrats on the gig! If I’m ever down that way, maybe I’ll pop in. 🙂

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