Sound Healing Update and Other Stuff


Good Vibrations Sound Healing Instruments

We named our sound healing group. We aGood Vibrations Sound Healing. We have our first paying gig next Tuesday, the 9th, at a yoga studio close to my home. We played there for a short free session during their summer solstice ceremony, just to give people a chance to hear what we are about. It was very well received.

I’ve made us a FB page for Good Vibrations. is a link to it. I’d be honored if you took a look, and even “liked” the page.

We are very excited about this gig. We will be playing there twice a month for at least the next few months.

Other than preparing for this first sound healing, which means lots of practice together, Dan and I have been out in the boat for a day anchored off of the beach at a little island that is a nature preserve, called Shell Key. We also had to spend a morning cleaning up my yard after a violent storm the other day which took down tons of limbs, palm fronds and part of my fence. Now I need to find out if my homeowner’s insurance will kick in anything for the fence. I’m guessing it won’t, but can’t hurt to find out.

Today we took his mother’s hearing aid to be fixed and while we were waiting I asked them to check my insurance (Part B Medicare) and see if they give anything towards hearing aids. I was pleasantly surprised to find out they do, $500 per ear. It’s not a lot, but it’s a nice chunk. I have a significant hearing loss in one ear. I’ve had it for decades, caused by otosclerosis, or bony growths on the eardrum. It can be corrected surgically too, so I may go that route too. But I am sick of having to blast the TV and try to cup my left ear to hear people talk, especially in a crowd. So, gonna see what I can do to get it fixed. I also have cataracts that need to get removed. UGH. I feel my age when I think about this stuff.

We are also still trying to decide if we should try to add on to my house, or sell both our houses and buy another jointly. My house is so old, 92 years, and if we are going to stay there, we have a lot of work to do before we could put on an addition. Thinking we will just fix the stuff that really needs fixing and then sell it. We will sell Dan’s also, his is a condo, and buy a house that’s a bit larger than my tiny house (900 sq. ft.) I still can’t believe how many houses down here are under 1000 feet, and the lots under 5000 sq. ft. Land is really at a premium in Florida, it seems.

It’s been monstrously hot here, over 90° every day with heat indexes of over 100°. We are at that time of year when we often take 2 showers a day, and stay inside all afternoon. It’s just crazy hot. We are trying to plan a trip to Denver the first week of August. Also planning to go to CT in September for a wedding, but we aren’t quite sure we want to spend the money. Plane fare, hotel room for the wedding, gifts, additional spending money for dinners etc. Not sure we want to spend that much even though I’d love to go.

Well, all is well for the time being. Hope it’s all well with all of you too. Love and light to all.

4 responses to “Sound Healing Update and Other Stuff

  1. I like the name of your sound healing group. Glad the hearing loss is not a factor and can understand the frustration. I haven’t had my hearing tested, but it sure is hard to hear one person in a crowded room of talking. And cataracts – mine aren’t bad enough for surgery yet. The brain is amazing in how well it works around the floaters in my eyes, and we can still enjoy those good vibrations!

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