Oh Mercury, Perception is Everything

Oh my, Mercury is retrograde, and it’s really in a bad mood about it.

First, about a week ago, my phone wouldn’t connect to the internet. In my house. Fooled with it for a long while, finally got it reconnected. Then, about the next day, Dan’s phone wasn’t connecting, same symptoms, but now my phone was working, but not his.

Ok, we got that fixed.

The next day, I was having writers group nere at my house. On the floor in the living room I had a big basket which held the modem, the router, and a couple old computers. Since I had to rearrange the stuff in my living room to make room for a 2nd, bigger gong. That’s another story, for another time. Suffice to say that my tiny little house, 900 sq. ft, is full…..and I needed to clear the floor as best I could so the 7 friends who were coming over could walk to the bathroom and kitchen without tripping over the basket. So, to remove it from the floor, I began to unload it. The computers got put somewhere else. The cords of the modem and the router were tangled with an HDMI cable that was in there, so I unplugged the router, untangled the cord, replugged it into the router and voila! The internet wasn’t working. At all. On any device. Not the TV, not the laptop, not either phone.


Dan and I tried til late into the night to get it running. Finally, we opted out for the night and played cards. The next day we couldn’t work on it, because we had to pull our boat out of the water to give it a good cleaning. As it happened, we did it during a full moon low tide, with a huge mean thunderstorm approaching, and a myriad of problems came with our attempt at doing this culminating in our leaving it in the marina parking lot til the next morning when we went back to get it in the nice humid 90-something degree heat. We brought it home, and commenced scraping barnacles and other crud from it. When it got too hot to continue, we went into the house, showered, ate, and took a nap. The heat here in July is exhausting.

Ahh the joys of boat ownership in Florida. But that too is another story for another time.

We headed back to his house to check on his mother and actually take a break from the internet, and the boat. We stayed there for a few days, it was kind of like a vacation. Today, we came back to my house. We had a practice for the sound healing scheduled. When it was over, we got back to work on the internet. We put the router back to its factory default settings and finally, after running through it about 5 times, got it working. So, tonight, the TV, the laptop, and both phones are connected to the internet and working!

I feel like we won a battle against Mercury, who was being vindictive because he was aggravated that he was going backwards, even though he really wasn’t. But then, perception is everything, isn’t it?

I think I should clarify somewhere here that Dan, awesome guy that he is, does not buy into the Mercury retrograde making all the electronic communications go haywire. But I’m working on him, lol.

We have our 2nd sound healing Tuesday night, and we’re pretty excited. We have gotten a LOT of good feedback, from people we don’t even know. We took a gong to open mic night, and were very hesitant, because, let’s just say, it is not really a sound healing venue. But there were people there who really loved it, kids at the restaurant that wanted to touch it. The place went silent when Dan was playing the gong, and the applause after was real, and heartwarming. So we are hopeful that this 2nd sound healing will draw a few more people than last time, and that we will continue to slowly grow this thing.

I will still feel better when Mercury ends its backward trip that really isn’t, on July 31. Especially because we are going to Colorado the day before to see our kids. His daughter, my son. Both live in Denver. Makes it handy for us. Should be fun. Exhausting, but fun.

So I’m off to watch TV and relax. Love and light to all.

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