Going to Denver and Other Things

Hey folks! I’ve not been around much, which seems to be the new normal for me. I still love writing but have tempered it. I think I have too many irons in the fire. Sound healing, the boat, writing, making jewelry (which I’m doing less of than writing). Tomorrow I will add some traveling to that, as Dan and I head to Denver to see our respective kids. His daughter lives 12 miles from my son. Very convenient.

It will be a short visit, 5 days. We’re staying at his daughter’s, who has the room. We’re renting a car and I’ll be spending most of the time with my son and Dan with his daughter, though we will have a couple dinners, etc with each others families.

I’m excited for the obvious reason that I haven’t seen my son in almost a year. He has had a gf for the last 2 years, with whom he lives and with her 7 year old daughter. He loves that little girl, who calls him Dad. The thing is, I have not met them. He’s come to visit me alone, and I haven’t been out there since I moved here. So, I’m very anxious to meet them. He’s very proud of this little family, and their home.

Dan’s daughter has a new boyfriend who Dan has not yet met. And she has his two grandsons, ages 7 and 9, and it’s always fun to spend time with them. Exhausting, but fun. She also has a new house (new to her) so he’s looking forward to seeing that as well.

We’re all packed, we have the Uber scheduled to pick us up early tomorrow morning and we will be off.

If we could just get there without flying.

We will have a sound healing to perform on August 13, which will be good timing. We found a great venue to use to do it once tourist season starts up in the fall. This little break will be good for us, we got a little saturated with gongs etc, in the 2 months we prepped.

We have done a little simplifying of our lives though. We’ve hauled the boat and brought it home, and have given up our slip at the marina. Seemed crazy to pay for a slip for it, since it’s too hard to go boating here in the summer. You can’t sit outside here in the summer it’s just ridiculously hot, or else it’s monsooning. And stuff grows on the boat so quickly, that we were paying a diver to clean it every 2 weeks. The boat is capable of doing 35 mph. After 2 weeks in the slip it barely breaks 10 mph. We are also a little disappointed that there is no social life down at the marina. It’s a different world than I experienced up north, and while the water here is beautiful, it isn’t what we expected. Boating is losing it’s glow for us down here. I imagine that wi

We’re seriously looking to consolidate our homes into one, watching the real estate market here, and beginning to get things done to make each of our houses salable. It will require a lot of planning and hassle, but is the only thing that makes sense right now. Not to be paying 2 electric bills, 2 cable bills, 2 property tax bills.

So life changes, things and circumstances change. Dan and I seem to weather the storms well. We enjoy each other’s company and pretty much feel the same about most things. Plus neither of us feels the need to demand much of the other. We both have our lives, they blend well. Life is good. I’m off to make final packing preparations. Love and light to all.

4 responses to “Going to Denver and Other Things

  1. That is so very cool that your son and Dan’s daughter live 12 miles from each other! Sounds like a meaningful coincidence. I know what you mean about grands being exhausting but fun. My granddaughter is 7 and her energy astounds me. When she spends the day and night with me, I get energized for a while, but then after dancing for an hour and hiking grandma needs some quiet time. Enjoy your visit and have a safe trip.:)

  2. Of all the places to live in this country, to have your son and his daughter so close to one another is absolutely amazing.
    Selling the excess home sounds like a great idea. Who needs two more bills of everything.
    Best of luck.

    This post sounded very happy. Safe travels.
    Love and light.

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