I’m in a Foul Weather Mood

It’s raining. Again. For about the 100th day in a row. Ok, not really 100 days, but a lot. It rains here in Florida almost every day in July and August. But the sun comes out too, for most of the day. Normally. But this past July, it rained 18 inches. And this week? I don’t know….only that we’ve been under flood watches all week.

It’s a little dreary, to say the least. However, it keeps the temps down so that’s a good thing. But if the sun manages to peek out for 5 minutes, it takes about 1 minute for the air to heat up and the humidity, already at about 82%, turns it into a sauna.

The roads here don’t drain well. Too low and flat, I guess. IDK. All I know is that walking across the street in the commercial district yesterday was tricky, because there were giant puddles in all the crosswalks, and I began sliding around in my flip-flops as I walked down the sidewalk.

I know, bitch bitch bitch. A little whine too. Maybe more than a little. But hey, I’m on a roll, so why stop here?

I usually read Apple News on my phone to get my news. Lately, everything I read, every single story, is chaotic. Some are ridiculously so. From one extreme to the other, so that the important ones, like the melting of all the polar ice caps, and the billions of ice that melted in Greenland in July alone, get lost. And I’m thinking, WTF?  Trump wanting to buy Greenland is a bigger story than the fact that the ice is melting, wildfires are raging in Alaska and Siberia? I mean, what am I missing here? I have to stop reading it every morning before my head explodes.

Bitch, whine, bitch, whine.

This morning I cleaned my coffee maker, because the little “clean” light came on, reminding me that it was time. So, I filled it with water and vinegar, changed the water filter, ran it through and then filled it again with plain water, to make sure the vinegar was all out of it. I pushed the start button and guess what? It wouldn’t go on. I kept pushing it, about 50 times, it finally went on. But this happened the other day too, and I ignored it, writing it off to something I did. This time I didn’t do that. I decided I needed a new coffee maker, before I found myself unable to make coffee in the morning. Because, that would be a disaster. I can’t even talk before I have a cup, except basic cursory words, like yes, no, ok. Poor Dan, who loves to talk and wakes up in conversation, and is telling me jokes as I pad into the kitchen on my arthritic legs and feet. Basically ignoring him until I get a cup. So tomorrow I will have a new coffee maker, for which I paid $71 plux tax on Amazon. It also has a separate thing on it to make hot water, which I think will entice me to make more teas and maybe even hot chocolate once in a while.

Ok, enough of the coffee maker. Boring.

We performed a sound healing on Tuesday. We were happy with our performance, but not the crowd size. Everyone who has come except 2 people have been our friends. The woman who owns the yoga studio where we hold the sound healing does not seem to be bringing in any of her yoga students, but maybe she doesn’t have many. Anyway, we are trying to come up with ways to generate more interest in what we do. It is heartening though, that there are a few people who really get it, and love it.

Well, maybe I’ll go bang on the gong now, and see if I can’t get out of this bitchy whiny mood. Packing up my stuff to head to Dan’s in a little while. Maybe it will stop raining at some point and we can go in the pool or the hot tub over there. Love and light to all.

7 responses to “I’m in a Foul Weather Mood

  1. Sometimes you just have to let it all out. When you don’t, even the small things become large. You know, like the coffee maker.

    I agree with you completely about the news. I’m tired of the truly important stuff being buried under nonsense concerning Trump. Something has to give.

  2. I agree about the news, too. Messed up priorities. If they asked me, and they haven’t yet, they should categorize news: important, positive, political, environment, celebrity/fluff…. I’m glad some people are coming to your healing sound groups. Maybe when the weather isn’t so hot, more will come. I get more energy when things turn cooler.

    • In October the snowbirds come back, so that will help the attendance. We are thinking of going down to the beach and doing it for free, or for a love donation. It might spark some interest. We’ll see. I like the idea of categorizing the news. They’d need a “chaotic” category too, lol.

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