A Refuge From the Storm

I am patiently waiting for my east coast refugee contingent to get here. One of my best friends from high school lives on Daytona Beach, close to the water, which is a little too much in harms way from Dorian. It has presently stalled out, just spinning around, trying, it seems, to destroy the northern Bahama Islands. It is so sad, and so terrifying to watch the video that’s making it out of there. This friend is bringing her son and his partner, and their dog and her cat. It will be a housefull for my teeny 912 sq. ft. house, but it won’t be flooded nor will the wind be trying to rip it apart. I’m very happy to be in a position to help her and her family.

So, I made brownies for them. And brought over some fruit for the morning, and I have bacon, eggs, and bagels for the morning. I figured we can make a run to the grocery store tomorrow and get whatever else is needed. All the sheets are cleaned and towels changed, etc. I was a little worried about the dog, a boxer, in this little house, but my friend says he will calm right down as soon as he knows us.

I sure hope this storm turns soon, and heads north and that all these preparations end up being for naught. I am pretty sure that they will turn out to have been necessary though. It’s going to be fun to see my friend. I usually see her a couple times a year but haven’t seen her since January.   We’ve been friends for over 50 years. We will figure out how to have a little fun while she’s here.

Onward, with love and light.


3 responses to “A Refuge From the Storm

  1. I hope that you guys will be well and that nothing happens that your city and state cannot handle. I surely do not hope the storm heads north, because then, others will be in danger. I simply hope that it dies down and turns into almost nothing before making landfall.

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