Back to My Real Life

Ahhh, peace and quiet. I do treasure that. My friend and her family and dog and cat are headed back to Daytona Beach this morning. I think they are anxious to get home.

Their houses seem to be ok, because she has that video doorbell and interior cameras so she can tune in anytime and see what’s happening. A friend has told them that her block has power, even though all the streets around them do not. Lucky. Now begins the tedious process of taking down all the boards on the windows and doors, and putting everything back where it belongs. On top of cleaning up what I’m sure is a mess in the yards. But sure beats having no power and a ripped up house.

It was fun having them really. At first I think it was tedious for Dan, because Cathy loves to talk and tell stories, and they were usually about people he didn’t know, and places he didn’t know. It was very one-sided communication for the first 36 hours. But then, yesterday Cathy and I sat on the deck for the afternoon. Dan stayed up at his house til dinner, which was nice for him. She and I just talked and talked, looked up old classmates on FB, etc. I really enjoyed it and enjoyed sitting outside. (Today that wouldn’t happen. The “feels like” temp today is 109. Yikes.

Both my friend and her son run AirBnB’s on Daytona Beach. So if anyone ever needs a decent place to stay there, they are really nice spaces. An apartment, a 2nd floor two bedrooms and a bath and a spare bedroom and bath in the main house. All very nice and close to the beach and nightlige on the beach. Just PM me at and I can give you their info. We’re planning to drive over there sometime, maybe this fall. Would be a nice little break for us.

It’s sure nice to be back in my house, and my life. Hope there are no more hurricanes for many reasons! But it was fun to see my old friend of 55 years, and get to know her son and his partner.

Love and light, and I hope everyone is able to stay out of harm’s way as Dorian creeps up the coast.

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