Gong Effects

IMG_1294 (2)

I had a wonderful day today. I woke up after almost 9 hours of sleep, at Dan’s house where we’d been for a few days. Sleeping even 7 hours is a feat I rarely accomplish, so 9 hours is amazing. We had coffee, and breakfast, and quiet conversation. We planned to get back to my house tonight. I had a date with one of my best friends here to meet at our favorite Italian restaurant for a glass of wine and a platter of antipasti. We ended up with a carafe, not a glass, and 3 hours later left there slightly inebriated, but it was great. She and I never run out of things to talk about. I came home, Dan was here. We caught up with each other, we played a couple games of cards, we made a quick dinner.

Then we sat down in the living room, in front of the TV. We realized that Game 7 of the Series was on, and Dan’s a baseball fan, so we agreed we’d watch it. Since we had about 25 minutes until the game started, he decided to play a gong for a while, so I sat back, closed my eyes and let myself go with it.

I was sitting with my hands in my lap. They were cool, and dry, and clasped in my lap. After about 10 minutes, I moved my right hand, which was clasping my left. I could not for the life of me figure out what I was touching. The gong was playing low, fairly quiet, and my hands, touching only each other, seemed disassociated. As if I were two people. One doing the touching, with both hands. The other one being the one touched by those hands. I felt the touch on the outside and on the inside differently.

I actually had to open my eyes and look to see what was going on with my hands.

I really felt out of my body. That’s only happened to me a few times, and it’s a very cool, albeit weird, experience. The duality, right there, then melding back into one, into me, all parts flowing back together. The gong is an amazing instrument, to somehow facilitate that happening. `

He tapered the sound off and stopped after about 20 minutes. By the time he got back to the couch, I had forgotten the weirdness with my hands. Then about a half-hour later, something triggered it back into my mind. I told Dan, who never does anything but support me. His response was, even before I said it, “Oh you were a little out of your body!” He gets it. It’s amazing to be with someone who gets that!

So, I had a wonderful, but slightly strange day. I would be happy to feel this way every day.

Love and light, everyone


Picture was taken by me.  My gong is on the right.  Dan’s is on the left.

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