Attention and Intention. It Works!

We had our first outdoor full moon sound healing at the beach on Wednesday. It was a cold, for Florida, and windy evening. Temps in the low 60’s with wind blowing steady at about 20 mph. The wind blew hard enough to blow the gongs over as we were setting up.

Just before we went Dan asked me how many people I thought would come. Based on the number of people who responded to our FB event, 273 I think it was, I said about 25. Thinking maybe 10% of them would show. Based on the cold and wind, Dan guessed 5.

We had somewhere around 25. (Can you see the smile breaking out on my face?)

We headed down to the beach early, because we didn’t know if we might have to move our set-up a few times to get the most sound out of it, with the wind blowing the way it was. As it turned out we set up and didn’t have to move. Then we set about “tuning” up the gongs. Which means, playing them, getting the vibration going. Plus we were checking to see how far the sound would travel on the beach. Anyway, there were many people walking by, since we were set up on the beach beside the “casino” which is not a casino but a dance hall right on the water in the middle of the commercial district. The casino has a dance night every Wednesday night so as people were waiting for that to start they came over and listened. A whole bunch of them wanted to sign up for our mailing list, so they could come to the next one.

At about 6 I told Dan I was nervous. No one was there, and we were supposed to start playing at 6:30. He looked at me like I was crazy and said, “You can get nervous at 6:20. But not yet….” Then at 6:20 he said, “ok…you can get nervous.” As he said it, 2 of our musician friends showed up. And about 20 more people. All at once. Then a few more straggled in in the next few minutes. All were dressed in their winter coats, hold-overs we all have in our closet for the rare cold day or night down here. It was 80° on Tues, no wind. Perfectly beautiful sunny Florida day. It’s been pretty chilly since then.

We started right on time. At first everyone was sitting up, on their blankets or in chairs. A half hour later as I walked through the crowd playing the rain stick and ocean drum, I noticed everyone was now laying down, except for the few in chairs. All were deep into a meditation it seemed, even the 90+ woman in a wheel chair whose daughter, appearing to be about 70 or so, had brought her down.

A few of the people left after about 40 min, I am pretty sure because of the cold. But the majority of them stayed for the whole thing. So many of them came up and left tips in the jar, and thanked us profusely. Some of them wanted to stay and tell us about their experience, one person originally from NY offered to help us anyway she could. She was quite familiar with sound baths, though not like ours, not with the gongs dominating. She loved it. So many people conveyed that they were thrilled to have us doing this in our little town. Some people left comments on our FB posts. One guy said., in a comment, that it was his first night in his new house in our town, that he was walking on the beach and stumbled on our gongbath. It was “magical” he said.

It turned out exactly as I’d hoped it would, that we would begin to create a community of like-minded people. I will say I had a clear picture in my head of what I wanted to have happen, and what I hoped to bring to those who came. When it was all said and done, I thought about all the things I have successfully manifested with attention and intention. The outcome of my divorce, my home in CT, my home in Fl, the amazing man in my life, the circle of friends I have here….

Attention and intention. It works.

We’ve decided to hold sound healings on the beach for every full moon, at least until it’s too hot and rainy, maybe 5-6 months or so. So many people asked if we would do that. And honestly, I don’t care that it’s for free. We made a little through love donations, but the joy we got out of playing was worth it. Totally. We are hoping that by the time the rainy season comes we will have a following enough that we can find a venue to play indoors, and that people might be willing to pay $10 or so then.

Life is good, amazing really. We are taking the weekend off…meaning we are not going out to see any of our friends play at the local venues, we are staying home and read, and do laundry and rest. Make some of our favorite meals. Start planning our cruise in detail. It’s all good.

A few more things to focus our attention and intentions on. Love and light to all.

3 responses to “Attention and Intention. It Works!

  1. This is wonderful! 25 sounds like a good turnout considering the weather. I agree about attention and intention as I sit here in the mountain getaway I dreamed of with the man of my dreams. Thinking about the donation/fee thing, maybe a suggested donation of ___ would work. That way there’s some flexibility. Just a thought. I’m very happy for you! Now, I’m going to go look up ocean drum.

    • Thanks JoAnna. Yes I thought 25 was great! You and I have so much in common, both of us living in a place we love with the men of our dreams.

      On the beach it’s almost impossible to charge people, but we will have to move to an inside venue when I rainy and hot season (known locally as monsoon season, lol) and hopefully by then we’ll have a following of people who would be willing to pay to come. But I think it will always be a deal where no one is turned away because of inability to pay.

      I love doing it, though. I was once told I was a much nicer person after I’d been to a gongbath, lol.

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