SoCS: Two Tales of Shade (and Two Haikus)

SoCS (Stream of Consciousness Saturday) prompt:  Shade

Shadows in the shade
Hid the lone soul lurking there
Lost in his self-hate.

Pulling the shades down and darkening the room even more, she shaded everything she said to him with shade until the misdeeds were finally acknowledged. Then she opened the shades once again, and let the light in. The light was so bright, it dispelled the shade, and looking around she saw that the shade, upon leaving had dispelled him as well. He was nowhere to be seen in what had been a shaded room where he thought he could hide.


Shading her vision
She saw his beautiful soul
The blessing of love.

She pulled the shades and turned on her warm Tibetan salt lamp. She turned from the nightstand and saw him, cast in the rose glow of the lamp. He leaned into her, the shadows cast by the lamp laying across his warm and loving face, as he held her head in his hands, gently kissing her. While the darkness was shaded by the shades, there was no shade between them. Their passion lit the night, as their shadows danced on the ceiling, the shades shutting out the world.


Please visit Linda G. Hill’s site for all the rules if you’d like to participate in the Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt:





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