Second Full Moon Sound Bath

We held our 2nd free soundbath at the beach last night. It was a perfect night,around 70°, light breezes off the water, heron and egrets walking along the sand. The sunset was beautiful. I coulden’t have asked for more. I took a couple pics of some of our attendees getting settled in, while the sun was setting over the Gulf of Mexico.

We had 35-40 people at the soundbath tonight. I love how people stop and talk to us, and ask questions as we set up, and tune up the gongs and bowls. I love how playing the gongs et al with Dan becomes an amazing, intimate experience, where we are connected, feeling each others vibes and feel the level elevate as the flow between us spreads out into those who are participating. I love how people are doing Tai Chi, and Yoga as they bathe in the vibrations.

We had a new drum tonight. It was an early Christmas present for Dan, a 16” buffalo drum. It has an amazingly deep resonant tone, and the vibration you feel standing next to it as he plays it is extremely strong. At one point he walked through the crowd playing it, and played it over each persons head.

When it was over, person after person whom I didn’t even know, came up and hugged me, and Dan, and told us how amazing an experience it was, and wanted to know where and when we will do it again. A few people were asking if we had a venue where we do it regularly, because they want it more than once a month. That’s what we hoped would happen, the formation of a sound healing community of like-minded people.

It’s a real thrill, and honor, to facilitate this gathering of people who are focused on their own healing, be it emotional, or spiritual, or sometimes even physical. I will leave you with a comment I got on a post I put up last night, thanking everyone for coming and making it so special. The fact that this person is a stranger to me, meaning I wouldn’t know them if I passed them on the street, is just heart-warming.  Though, I have a feeling that the many people there I didn’t know will not remain strangers to me for long.

What a profound and transformative experience for me. Thank you for providing the space and presence for spiritual alchemy to occur.” – Jill Rice

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