Sleep, Sleep. Wonderful Sleep

I slept! I really slept last night. With the help of Robitussin, Mucinex, my Z-pak, and a bottle of Ambien I’d forgotten I had. But I slept well, for about 8 or 9 hours, only waking up once or twice during the night. I feel myself slowly climbing out of the pit of self-UNawareness that I’ve been in since I got home from The Cruise. God, what a difference it makes it makes to sleep.

I still can’t say I feel good, but I can say I feel functional. I’m considering going to the grocery store to get more in my fridge than soup, leftovers from my friends house down the street, and fruit. Not that I don’t appreciate that my friends brought me all this stuff. The fact that so many people were checking in and bringing me food just warmed my heart. But now I’m ready for a good meal at some point today.

So enough about me. Some people have it worse. Like….my son was awakened at 1 AM by his 7 year old step-daughter projectile vomiting. I think I’d rather be sick than deal with that.

Ok so I’m still on the being sick subject. I’ll stop. Promise. What a nasty boring subject.

Now that I’m feeling better, I need to straighten up this house! OMG! This is not how I live. There is a hand-pan steel drum (gift from Dan’s brother) on my coffee table, along with the box it came in. The end table is full of meds which I now need to put away. They were not meant to be knick-knacks. I imagine someone coming over (which happens) and saying “Oh Deb, I love your multiple tussin bottles.” Um, no. There is also a box of macaroons on the table, to-die-for macaroons that came from the cruise ship. We had them at a wine tasting, but couldn’t figure out where to buy them. However, our friend Joe, found them, unbeknownst to the rest of us, and gave them to us the last night. MMMM. But I digress.

There is a house jacket I had on when my temp was running high. An ashtray with a half-smoked joint in it, and I am loathe to admit it’s been there since before the cruise. Nail clippers, a bag of dried-apple crisps, cough drops, books, cards, yada, yada, yada. Floor needs vacuuming, bathroom needs cleaning, and I need a showe, lol. You get the idea.

Well first things first. Tub and toilet first, then me. Then some rest. That feels like enough. I’m still somewhat wiped out, but at least on the upswing, not wondering when the upswing will come.

Hope everyone’s Christmas was full of fun, of love and peace. Love and light to everyone.

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