Me, and….Bobby McGee

Don’t really know why, but this song seems to be rolling around my head tonight. Maybe because it’s Day 8 of what I’m thinking of as solitary confinement with my cold. It’s not really accurate because Dan was here for dinner last night, and spent the night. I was going to go with him to his place, but couldn’t get myself together. It was exhausting just trying to get clothes packed up, worsened by the fact that I haven’t been there in a couple weeks due to said cold and the cruise from hell, so I couldn’t remember what clothes I had there and didn’t. As I was packing, I found myself hunched over my bed, head on my bed, winded, gasping as if I was on my last breath.

Let me say, I am ok, I am feeling much better I just tried to go the day without any meds, no Mucinex, no Robitussin, no allegy med, no tylenol or ibuprofen. Why? Idk, I wasn’t coughing much and I am so sick of taking meds. But alas, it was too soon. I finally broke down, when my head was on the bed, and took two Mucinex, and within the hour felt better.

So back to the song. When I sat down to write this, I felt “Busted flat in Baton Rouge and waitin’ for the train. Feelin’ nearly faded as my jeans.” But no one was there to flag the diesel down that would take me “all the way to New Orleans.”

Just let me say that just writing this out has been the diesel which has carried me away from that kind of dark place where I was busted flat. Writing has, in all honesty, been my saving grace for many years. But it’s still a great song, so I’m still gonna post it. Enjoy!

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