Getting Back to Life

I’ve begun to rejoin the land of the living. Yesterday a friend came over and we caught up for a couple hours, then went to get a fish taco down by the beach. It was an exceptionally gorgeous New Year’s Day, warm, brilliant sun glimmering off the water in the bay. It was so good to hang out with a good friend. I came home, almost fell asleep on my deck reading a book, so came in and took a nap.

Today, I made it to the post office to pick up the mail I’d had held while I was away, and was so pleased to have about 10 Christmas cards in the pile (along with a few bills…). Then I made it to Walgreens to pick up a couple prescriptions. I stopped at a dear friends house, to return a pot that she’d brought me soup in, and we talked for well over an hour. Again, a gorgeous warm day here. I considered taking a walk down by the water, but went home for lunch and realized I was too tired. Still, it was a good start for getting back to normal.

I sat out on the deck again this afternoon, reading, this time not falling asleep. The breeze has picked up this afternoon and I guess by Sunday it will be chilly. But in the meantime, temps in the high 70’s in January is just such a delight. Still flip-flop weather. I got the house vacuumed, and am gonna try to go to open mic, at least for awhile, tonight. I miss all my friends. It’s just so nice not to be sitting alone in the house.

Well I guess I’m going to go roast some butternut squash that I can eat for dinner, and get in the shower for open mic. Love and light to everyone.

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