Friends, Sound Healing and…..Rats

Yesterday I met with my Spirit Girls for the first time in 2 months, really I guess since Thanksgiving.  Between the cruise from hell, and all the trips some of them were making to visit family, we just couldn’t get together.   Again, I was, am reminded what a wonderful circle of friends I have here. I also went to my friend’s (who brought me into Spirit Girls) Tibetan Bowl meditation in the morning. On the short drive over (about a mile) I was thinking a lot about the sound healing which will now have to reorganize and regroup. How much I would miss doing it, and how I have to figure out how I can do it by myself.

I had started out to go, realized I had no water bottle with me, went back to my house, and headed over. I was right on time, but the last one in the door. As I walked in the friend who facilitates this meditation was sitting, ready to play, but said as I walked in, “Oh Deb! These guys have been asking me about the full moon sound healing (which should be this weekend).” She had told them that we would miss January’s full moon, without going into detail as to why. But she said, “They want you to do it by yourself, with just the one gong.” And they all (about 8 or 10) nodded their heads vehemently. One couple in particular, who I did not know, said, “I’m a newbie to this kind of thing. But we went to the December healing at the beach and just LOVED it. Please do it again.” It was a sign to me….that my exact thoughts driving there were verbalized as soon as I got there.

This delighted me. I mean really. When people get it, I always feel that is enough reward, to have people love it like I always did, and to facilitate that, at that venue. So I basically promised them I would try to figure it out for February’s full moon, and my friend promised to help me. She already plays her Tibetan bowls with us, so I don’t think it’s too much of a stretch for her to add my crystal bowls to them, and do all the bowls. Then I can do the gong, walk through the crowd with the rainstick and ocean drum, and still have the bowls playing while I do.

So, I put up a post on my Good Vibrations FB page saying that I’m sorry about January, but will be back in February. I put up a 2nd post, offering private sound healings at my home. So things change, and we adjust, right? I refuse to give up things I love just because I have to change the way I do them.

I used to be terrified at the thought of performing. But this….it terrifies me to think of not being able to do it. It’s always been my thing anyway. So, I’ll do it alone. Even someone with stage fright like me can do this, mostly because no one is even looking at me. They are all laying down, deep in meditation by 5 or 10 min. into it.

In other news, I have fruit rats again. UGH. They come in out of the cold, and it’s been dipping below 50 at night for a while now. So my job for today is to go to a place in town for do-it-yourself pest control and get whatever I need to get rid of them. Then I have to find someone who will fix my ductwork in the attic, which the rats chewed through, for less than $3000 (my first quote). They have chewed holes in the metal ducts…they eat anything. Dan fixed the biggest one, but it’s a temporary fix. That estimate of $3K seems absurd for a tiny house (912 sq. feet) and maybe 40 or 50 ft of ductwork if I replace them all. I need to deal with that before anything else I do. The joys of owning a 93 year-old house in Florida.

Well off I go. It looks like I just made a list of stuff I need to do today, lol. Tonight I’ll go to open mic and hang out with my friends. So very lucky to have so many good friends in this town.

Love and light, everyone.

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