How I Do a Dream Interpretation

WordPress tells me I am on a 7-day streak, which gives me pleasure to know. I am back to my writing, it seems. I try not to be too specific in talking about my emotions any longer when I am writing here. I still write the details out, as I know of no more effective way to work things out than to write them down and see the patterns as they are.

Kind of like interpreting a dream, by utilizing a site that can assist. My personal favorite is I had a dream a couple weeks ago, vivid, remembered in detail but seemingly non-sensical. After looking up the main components of the dream, it made perfect sense. It aligned with what I believed, what had happened to me, and really confirmed what I already knew. It was very personal, so I won’t write about it here. But I did write about it, to put it all in order.

I list the main components and then look them each up for the meaning of that particular thing. In this dream, I was sleeping in a hallway at the beginning, and woke to a few inches of calm clear water on the floor. (This was only a portion of the dream.) So I looked up sleeping, hallway, flooding, water, windows (because they lined the hallway), and ceiling. I copy and paste them onto a description of the dream, and after I am all done, am able to make sense of it. Then I summarize it, and what it was telling me. I find it very helpful. I just wish I remembered more of my dreams.

I am determined to go for a walk today. I finally got a good night’s sleep, am not coughing, and have plans for a fun evening. I guess that means I should go get dressed. Besides, one of the neighbors just came out on their deck to smoke…so the peaceful tranquility of silence is broken. My coffee cup is empty anyway.

Love and light to all

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