Blessings Abounding

Blessings abound.

1. Reconnecting with an old and wonderful friend. In fact, a few of them! All the way from middle school (what we called then Jr. high school), to CT, 55 years of friendships. Then here, making new friends, close friends. Solidifying friendships that I’ve neglected.

2. Having many people urge me to do the sound healing on the beach alone, with only 1 gong. Urging me strongly, and they are people I don’t even know, but who went to the last one and fell in love with the practice of vibrational meditation/healing.

3. Having a friend who is willing to pick up some of the slack left by Dan’s leaving the sound healing. Without her, I don’t know if I could do it by myself.

4. The sun is pouring through my kitchen window, lighting up the day, with another beautiful day. I guess it’s supposed to cool off considerably next week for a few days, but while it’s here, this weather is so awesome.

5. My son and his family coming to visit. He’s young enough so he doesn’t realize how short 6 days are, lol, but it will be wonderful anyway. Love that kid so much.

There are so many more, but these are the few that are on my mind this morning. Counting my blessings, feeling grateful.

Love and light.

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