Friends Are Trickling Into Town

I’ll be off in a little while to pick up one of my oldest friends at the airport. We were 13 when we became friends, so that’s what, 55 years ago. A few more of our small circle are joining us Monday. It will be so good to see them. It’s perfect timing for me. It will help smooth the transition from being part of a couple, to single just because we all support each other and we have so much fun.

It’s nice to feel that kind of freedom again. I felt it for a long time with Dan, but for 6-8 months it has become a heavier and heavier burden, for both of us, I think. After the infatuation wears off, as it so often does, we weren’t that right for each other. We differed on so much. I hope he is happy. I know I am.

Once we get the loose ends resolved, we’ll both be able to put it behind us. Really the only loose end is the boat in front of my house. Need it sold, gone. The money straightened out as best it can be. Then the break will be clean, no hanging threads.

But for the moment, I don’t even care about that. I care that I have a few days coming up of people I love and who love me, a tight circle of friends that we have created. We have a busy schedule, but a fun one.

Probably won’t be writing too much this week with all the people in my house, lol. And one bathroom….I say, hey, at least there’s one!

Life is good all. I’ll check in when I can. Love and light.

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