Have Mercy on Those…..And Me…

Yesterday my friend and I went to the beach, finally. We had lunch at a restaurant/bar on Treasure Island where the tables are in the sand, and the overhead is strung with fishing line to keep the seagulls away. Then we got a couple chaise lounges down by the water, and just sat and listened and soaked up the hazy sun for an hour. We stuck our feet in the water, which was cold, probably around 61°. It was lovely.

When we got home again, she taught me how to make homemade biscotti. We made triple ginger and then cranberry pistachio. They are easy and so good!! Then we went out to dinner at an outdoor venue where 2 of my best friends were playing. We got a salad and a pizza. A bunch of the members of my tribe was around. We were all sitting in the same corner up by the band. Two of them came over to tell me that Dan was there, and had forgotten his wallet so went home to get it. It’s 10 miles each way for him, but very typical of something he’d do.

Whatever, when he got back for the last 15 min, he sat at the table next to mine. I guess I never realized how loud he talks, and how he dominates the conversation. Which is probably ok in a different situation, but not when people are performing right in front of him.

Then he called my name and thanked me for sending a letter from DMV about his truck insurance which had come to my house. He had had to do this in front of everyone, loudly of course. I don’t want to see him, but can’t help but run into him since we are really part of the same circle of friends. But I certainly don’t want to talk to him, and to me, it was clearly a bid by him to have everyone see how nice he was being to me. He needed the audience, but I didn’t appreciate it. I sent him a text and asked him to speak to me privately in the future if there’s something he wants to say. I didn’t appreciate having to respond to him, with all eyes on me. Of course, I just said “you’re welcome,” and walked away. He could have sent a text, he could have called, he could have said it to me when he was sitting almost back to back with me at the two tables. But he needed to act, to put on his show.

I suppose that seems picky, but I am still very hurt by what he did when he ended this relationship, and the way he did it. I still feel blindsided to find out he’s not who I thought he was, that he was doing an Oscar-winning job of acting. So little things like making me talk to him in front of people really upset me.

He answered my text back, “wow”. Whatever. His typical non-empathetic response. Just leave me alone. The whole thing gave me a bad night’s sleep, fitful, waking a lot. So I am totally ready for a night at home.

So my friend is headed back to the Adirondacks today. She may have a two day trip of it, since it will be snowing up there tonight. She may stay at the hotel near the airport she flies into, and try getting the last two hours of driving in the tomorrow. Better in the day, even if it’s snowing, than to drive 2 hours, later at night, in heavy snow.

I don’t miss snow, that’s for sure.

Tonight I’ll have my house back to myself, and will take a rest, and watch some TV, maybe read, maybe write.

I’m going to leave you with an old favorite songs, Phoebe Snow singing Have Mercy on Those. The lyrics fit just about anyone I was ever involved with. Love and light.

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